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eManga is Digital Manga, Inc.'s own one stop online ebook shop for manga and comics since 2008. We provide a variety of manga and comics to read online and download at the convenience of our customers. Our downloadable files can be used on all popular devices, such as iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo and Android based devices.

Together with our partners and upcoming artists, our site is an ever growing establishment centered on continuously offering our customers with the best electronic manga experience. Our collection of eBooks includes licensed titles that have been localized for the English market from over 50 Japanese Publishers. We have over 2000+ titles and counting, with new releases coming out every day.

We have a multitude of genres, from Action to Yaoi, including Seinen, Hentai, Mainstream, Slice of life, Drama, Romance and many more. Our library includes titles from Digital Manga's most popular imprints, including Juné, DMP, 801 Media, Project-H, as well as our partnered publishers like Tezuka Productions, Media Factory and SoftBank Creative (Harlequin Romance manga). We carry the DMG imprint, which are titles localized by fans for fans.

One of the greatest elements of eManga though is our community. eManga customers can share, rate, and review titles. They can share their Rewards and discuss hot topics on our forums. We have our newsletter that brings our customers the latest news and events.

eManga will keep on bursting through screens to bring the greatest electronic manga and comics to all.