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American Comics
American Comics
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Got a super hero craving you have to fulfill? In the mood for some "Bam!", "Slam!", Claude-Van-Damme-type action? You've come to the right place! Welcome to eManga's American comic book collection where you can find the home grown, American, grade-A literature that we all know and love. From the fearless ladies of Flare, Champions, and Witch Girls (courtesy of our friends at Heroic comics), to original comics created by independent writers, eManga's American collection delivers up the action-packed adventures you're looking for.

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American Comics Spotlight
Black Enchantress #2
Author: Various

The second issue of BLACK ENCHANTRESS features the Enchantress donning her "Arcanna the WitchGirl" hat in order to do some detective work and track down "The Mysterious Mister Monocle," by Wilson Hill and J. Adam Walters. Also in this issue, learn the secrets of the Enchantress's partner in WitchGirls Inc, the beautiful occult detective Psyche, in "The Origin of Psyche," by Dennis Mallonee and Chris Marrinan.

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