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Book Cover for Moonlight Kreuz Vol. 2
Moonlight Kreuz Vol. 2
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613134009
Language: English
Release: 02/20/2013
Age Rating: Teen (13+)
The crazy hilarity continues in the second volume of Moonlight Kreuz! Just when everything finally settles down, Gen and Hikari find themselves in the middle of another case with a possible connection to the Wolf Association. Gen is surprised to discover that his younger brother, Satsuki, is involved. Hikari, on the other hand, finds Satsuki with his major brother complex a bitter rival for Gen’s affections. With the added distraction of Claude’s return, will everything turn out all right? And why does Satsuki seem to know more than he is letting on? Gen and Hikari are surprised by the answers that are revealed – especially with the arrival of Gen’s stepmother!
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  Very funny, borderline disturbing?
by cookiemonster  02/22/2013
Still a 4/5, though this series is now leaning towards one of my more favored ones.

Some may say the plot is immature, but I don't think this is a bad thing. Why? Because often stories with conspiracies and love rivalries, for a lack of a better word, tend to become too convoluted and the mangaka may have a hard time concluding it in a satisfying fashion. I don't see that happening with this series.

The werewolves' faces never really stop being ugly. I guess they were never meant to be pretty to begin with, but sometimes they look really creepy. Humor in this volume takes a....more, scientific and clinical turn, so to speak. <cough cough> I won't spill details but be aware.

Still happy with this series. I would recommend for a the overworked brain.
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