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Book Cover for The Cat In The Box
The Cat In The Box
  (3 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613134429
Language: English
Release: 04/12/2013
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

One day, shy high-school boy Kazuo Matsui comes across an old cardboard box with a litter of stray kittens inside. It is there he has a chance encounter with Kitahara, an antisocial elementary school student. Even though he seems unapproachable, Kazuo finds the boy intriguing. He adopts a kitten and hatches a plan to become friends with Kitahara. Soon, Kazuo finds the simple friendship transforming into something deeper. Is it love? Does Kitahara return Kazuo’s feelings? Find out in this exciting love story from the versatile mind of Sumako Kari!

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  Weird pairings, plot and events
by Pennyiscute  11/27/2013
This was a weird one. Sorry, but that's the best way I can describe this.

It's basically about a sixteen-year-old who falls for an eleven-year-old boy. Even Kazuo (the sixteen-year-old) knows it wrong, but he can't fight his feelings. Also, while this is happening, he is totally oblivious to his friend who is slowly closing in on him. And i mean 'literally' closing in. Touching him. Lending on him. Even the girls in his class started catching on, everyone except Kazuo, who is too caught up on his eleven-year-old friend to notice, until a stolen kiss that is.

Oh and somewhere in all this, there's a story about a kitten found in a box - the meet cue between the two boys.

Honestly, this was a mess. Characters. Plot. Art. Romance. Everything. The ending was also lacking. It had a great potential and was just, in my view, delivered poorly. The plot was also choppy and jumped around.

I only gave it a decent score because i finished it and it did make me smile and giggle over some events. I can't see myself re-reading this though as it left no lingering impressions what-so-ever.

[Copied from my MyAnimeList review - Pennyiscute]
  Cute, but meandering...
by FeralKat  06/17/2013
Kazuo Matsui loves cats, but childhood trauma prevented him from keeping one. After finding a box of abandoned kittens, he encounters the skittish Kitahara, an elementary school student very much like a cat himself. Thus begins Matsui's quest to coax him into friendship!

Overall, this was like eating a bag of marshmallows: sweet, but lacking any weight. I recommend this to slice of life fans and of course, fans of cats! :3
  I like it
by aichan  05/03/2013
Its a cute story and its not shoutacon LOL
I always like this author's works and this one did not disappoint me (just a little since the main couple just kissed). But overall the story is somewhat realistic and adorable.
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