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Book Cover for Body Guard
Body Guard
  (3 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613134764
Language: English
Release: 05/02/2013
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

Takahiro's normal life as a high school student gets turned on its head when his father marries a super rich Hollywood actress named, Elizabeth Adley, and leaves Japan to be with her. Takahiro is forced to leave his apartment home move into a lavish hotel room. Fantasies of naked nights of porn and debauchery begin to fill Takahiro's mind. Too bad his new mother in law has other plans.

In order to protect Takahiro (and her money) from kidnappings, Elizabeth hires two bodyguards from a distinguished American company. Any thoughts of unsupervised nights of fun quickly rush from Takahiro's mind. On the up side, his new bodyguards are totally cool.

Will this be the end of his life, or a new beginning? Will he fall for the cool looking Yuuji? What will happen during Takahiro's Nichome debut? The answers to all these questions, and a special continuation chapter, in Kimiyoshi's erotic tale of a reluctant new prince and his knights in black suits. Sometimes you just have to relax and let things work themselves out.

editorial reviews
Kuriousity (Lissa Pattillo)
Still, if you enjoy your boys’ love raunchy and dirty, and aren’t afraid to wade through a sea of anatomical hilarity, then Body Guard may be enough for you. The sex scenes are lengthy and all are uncensored. You’ve got fully drawn penises, sex toys, lubrication and all the mess that goes with them. Also included are plenty of tears, begging, semes in suits and ukes in rope bondage.
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customer reviews
by   06/06/2016
the art is not so good; distorted bodily proportions throughout make it almost impossible to finish.
by Metamorphi  04/03/2014
I really enjoyed this manga. Mainly the sex scenes and the premise of the story, though as someone else wrote the character with big body and small head didn't make much sense.
  Pretty Good, But...
by kanamesamas  06/17/2013
Okay so I have decided I am getting more strict about my ratings, so please read this manga if you feel inclined. The story itself was okay, a little too far fetched, but this is manga and yaoi manga you know. I knocked the rating down from 4 to 3 stars because the artwork kind of bugged me. There is one panel where the main character's senpai walks through a door and it shows a full view shot of it and here is a big hulking body with an eensy teeny tiny head. I laughed so hard I hurt myself. That body type is throughout the entire manga and gets distracting sometimes. The sex scenes are good, but even my stomach churned when Yuji was trying to remove a certain something from a certain place on Takahiro. I really do recommend you read this if you can get past all of the above.
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