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Book Cover for Prince And Butler
Prince And Butler
  (2 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613133866
Language: English
Release: 07/12/2013
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
Hajime’s sister has hired a second butler for her maid café, and this “Prince” is seriously cramping Hajime’s style! Must he be so beautiful?! Hajime quickly loses popularity, while Prince doesn't even notice the heart-eyed lady customers! What, or who, is Prince looking at? Hajime is feeling a strange sensation....

Come check out the menu at this café—their specialty is a sexy love comedy soup of cross-dressing, bondage, and other delicious ingredients!
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  Taking naughty to the extreme
by Russesa  10/11/2013
DISCLOSURE: I worked on this manga, so a certain degree of bias is unavoidable. Still, I tried to rate fairly and give a detailed explanation for my rating.

Pennyiscute is right, YOU ARE WARNED. This is ABSOLUTELY a drippy, dirty manga that will most certainly not suit everyone’s tastes.

A good chunk of this book reads like the author had a checklist of naughty yaoi tropes at her side and was trying to cram as many of them in as possible. It almost became a game to try and guess what new fetishy thing Katagiri would throw in there – seriously, at least two or three new things every chapter. A brief sample: butlers, maids, naked apron, crossdressing (both ways), naughty nurses, kitty ears… I could go on.

Such constant, highly absurd sexiness runs the risk of getting stale after a couple of chapters, but my attention was held rapt thanks to the characters, who are cute/hot and entertaining. (The editor remarked that she was reminded of Kotetsu and Barnaby from Tiger & Bunny. Chew on that. >:D) I grew to enjoy Katagiri’s artwork, the translation and script are FABULOUS, and I was consistently engaged and greatly amused by the over the top ri-DICK-ulousness.

This probably falls a bit closer to a 3.5 on my personal rating scale, but we don’t get half-stars here. And I have to rate it higher than Love Chemistry Lab, my other PWP book, since I liked this WAY more than that.
  Total Smut!
by Pennyiscute  07/21/2013
Okay, i was drawn in by the cover art alone and will admit that you can normally tell a book by it's cover. Well, not only was i right in my assumptions...i was also disappointed.

This is total and utter smut! Sure if you like cum shots, fluids flying everywhere, unique angles, and the characters having extremely over the top porno sex at every might like this. If you looking for interesting characters or a good've come to the wrong place.

I even stopped reading at one point because, to put it bluntly, it was just stupid.

Okay okay, so i'm being a little harsh. Sure the characters were drawn very well and were very cute when blushing like crazy, and i found the comedy put a smile on my face - at times - but i couldn't get past all the liquid filled sex scenes. Seriously, can a man really produce THAT much semen?!

Read this for some juicy-over-the-top sex scenes and cute characters ONLY.
You have be warned.
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