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Book Cover for A Dark Fable of the Forest Vol.1
A Dark Fable of the Forest Vol.1
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613133095
Language: English
Release: 07/19/2013
Age Rating: Teen (13+)

"If 90 out of 100 cases are scientifically explained, the remaining 10 persist as mysteries surpassing human knowledge."

When a story about the supernatural takes reporter Alyssa Thompson into the Dark Night Forest, she and her co-worker Nick are accosted by strange forces. Are the culprits mere men, or something more sinister? As Alyssa seeks the truth behind a series of weird and unnatural mysteries, she repeatedly crosses paths with the enigmatic (and handsome!) Chevalier Bayard Gran d’Or and his strange young companion, Pineau Rouge. Will they lead her to the 10 percent of cases that are truly supernatural? And how does Chevalier always know where she is and what her heart secretly desires?

editorial reviews
The ending felt a bit rushed, but that’s often the case with two volume series. Still, I enjoy reading the occasional shorter series like this just because it is nice to be able to read a complete series in a couple days. This is a fun manga to read in October, as the gothic elements are both amusing and creepy. I’m glad to see emanga continuing to translate the occasional shoujo title, as it is nice to be able to stumble across a more quirky story like A Dark Fable of the Forest.
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customer reviews
  I love this story
by toni0  02/22/2017
I loved this story and the second book as well. A young women investigates super natural happenings. She really doesn't believe it until she see with her own eyes. I guess the only way to create a love interest is to kill off her boyfriend. Then another partner looks just like her boyfriend, they could have made him look like the boyfriend but with a different color hair one was blonde as well as the copy of a boyfriend. He could have had black but the face looking the same.

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