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Book Cover for In Maps & Legends: The Complete Series
In Maps & Legends: The Complete Series
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Language: English
Release: 09/17/2013
Age Rating: Teen (13+)
Kaitlin Grayson is an artist who finds herself compelled to carve a map that covers all four walls of her window-less spare room. One cold night, a disheveled man named Bartamus bursts into her apartment, claiming that only she can save his dying world.
For Kait, things like this happen in the books she illustrates so often, she feels like she knows what will happen next. But she couldn’t be more wrong when she and her friends step through her map and charge headlong into another world. In Maps and Legends is a world-spanning fantasy comic mixed with science fiction and steampunk.
This special edition collects all nine issues of this digital-only miniseries, over 190 full-color pages.

The Creators
Artist Niki Smith is an artist and writer who is currently working on a handful of creator-owned comic projects. She is the recipient of a 2011 Creative Workforce Fellowship based on her graphic novel proposal, Some Did Rest. This proposal is available upon request. Her work has also appeared in several English language and German comic anthologies. Her website is

Writer Michael Jasper has published nine novels, a story collection, and over six dozen short stories in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, Polyphony, Writers of the Future, and the Raleigh News & Observer, and other fine venues. His most recent novel is A Lasting Cure for Magic (UnWrecked Press, 2013). His website is
editorial reviews
This is a truly wonderful looking series. Niki Smith's illustrations look like the concept art for a fantasy video game that never was… heavily textured but never overworked, with some distinctive character designs and uncanny creatures and contractions. The series has an aged, weathered “feel” to it, perfectly encapsulating Jasper's themes of artistry and history, and giving In Maps & Legends an aesthetic unlike anything else currently on the web. ---
Maps in Comics: In Maps & Legends -
The artwork by Niki Smith is beautifully done, with steampunky bits and lasers contrasting with map-influenced earth tones. The story, written by Michael Jasper, makes full use of what Jo Walton calls “incluing” -- things are revealed in bits and pieces rather than in a giant infodump (as in the description I quoted above). It's an effective literary device.
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