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Book Cover for Lies Are A Gentleman's Manners
Lies Are A Gentleman's Manners
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Publisher: Juné
eISBN: 9781613136447
Language: English
Release: 09/20/2013
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

Brash med student Jonathan has been stealing drugs from his school’s hospital and selling them to his classmates! When a sly professor discovers his racket, Jonathan agrees to a physical relationship in exchange for keeping mum. But what happens when a simple business transaction turns into a heated almost-love affair?

Lies are a Gentleman’s Manner reveals the devilishly dirty secrets of the high-society set! With appearances to uphold and family legacies to honor, any “extracurricular” activity must be kept hush-hush. But can a man with a doting wife, a darling child, a spoiled lover and a sordid past truly get the balance right?

editorial reviews
ComicWorthReading - Johanna
There are obvious sex scenes (although no genitalia shown), but the appeal of this work to me was how much the characters were revealed over the course of the book. In the beginning, they both seem disturbing as people — a drug dealer and a blackmailer. But as the reader spends time with them, the whys and hows they became who they are are revealed. Ultimately, they begin to care for each other as we begin to care for them. Even though at the end, they’re still clinging to some of their pretense, there are a number of panels of them together where they’re just adorable.

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customer reviews
  Need volume 2
by Ashlyn  03/08/2014
Slight Spoilers

The best yaoi manga I've read in a long time. At first the story seems to be about Jonathan, a med student that decides to steal and sell pills from the department at his school. In order to keep it secret he sleeps with one of his professors, Paul. Who is married with a child. They start this odd relationship of lies and playing tricks on each other. But that's just in the surface. If you are willing to look for it there's a very deep story developing here, and yes developing because it can't be done. I can't remember if I've seen a character like Paul in a yaoi manga, there is a very gritty sense of realism that Paul plays the perfect WASP, happily married with a child while he hides the fact that he's gay and can't stop sleeping around with men. The fact that the story takes place in the US is also a factor. At first you think Paul is a jerk, why does he remain married when he knows he's gay and consistently cheats on his wife. Then you think about the way he grew up. High class white America and it clicks. It clicks even more when you discover his past and the one time he was ready to give up everything to run away with the person he loved and was rejected for a wife and a white picket fence. And in the end Paul breaks with the only truth he knows "I'll take the fact that I'm gay to the grave."

There seems to be a second volume and gods I need it. Need it now.
  Is a manga enough to fall in love with a mangaka?
by userofsite  10/14/2013
Is a manga enough to fall in love with a mangaka? Yes, it is!

It's my first time reading something from Matsuo Marta. Believe me, she's a promising newcomer to the yaoi manga world! First of all, the story is quite fascinating of its own, a married professor taking advantage of a med student, who's selling drugs to his fellow classmates? What I really appreciated about this manga was the fact that none of the protagonists is actually likeable when you start reading the very first pages of this manga. They are sly, overly full of themselves, non afraid to use other people for their own benefit! So, what's so great about this manga? The secret is simple! It's all about the past and the way the mangaka reveals it step by step, showing the true nature of Paul and Jonathan's character profile. They are full of flaws, but yet filled with passion, love and desire to enjoy life.

As far as concerning the art, I actually believe it's highly refreshing. Simple lines, a-bit not-so-well-proportioned bodies and faces that resemble actual humans and not modern Adonis!

I'm expecting the licensing of Lies are a Gentleman's Manners 2 as soon as it is published in Japan. June has found a diamond and I am quite excited that I have found it! And re-read so many times all ready...
  Fun and bittersweet
by FeralKat  10/09/2013
This was a fantastic read!! I don't really like characters like Paul, but I really felt for him and his situation, all things considered. When I got to the end, I was so disappointed because I wanted it to go on!! Hopefully the manga artist has a second volume in the works-- I'd buy it in a hot second!
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