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Book Cover for Chicken Club
Chicken Club
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613135754
Language: English
Release: 05/14/2014
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

Lust, sex, and symbolism. Deep joy and horrific fear. It could be anything. Bizarre and haunting, this collection of dream-like short stories are pivotal moments in time, fleeting, intense, forever changing our ways of seeing. You'll want to read them more than once.

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by kissingkitten  07/03/2014
Chicken Club is a set of short erotic stories which ran in the magazine Manga Erotics F, known for artsy, edgy, mature comics.

The first story, and title chapter, in this collection is not something suiting my sensibilities. Or one I can find greater comprehension in. Those who wish to avoid depictions of animal abuse would do well to skip the chapter. Perhaps I should have had more foresight. I’ve encountered such content before from well-regarded artists published in similar publications. Still, having read some of this artist’s work previously (one series from the same magazine) I never expected to encounter such a story. As such it completely failed in all areas for me. As well the intro chapter left me with great apprehension on continuing through the rest of the volume.

However, the stories get much better after the first chapter.

To Maa-sama is about a young baby-faced woman who becomes enamored with a drag queen.

Méqué Méqué is a story with a tryst between a circus performer and noble lady.

Coffee with Sugar, Love by the Window has a bored, wealthy widow toying with the young people around her.

Sea of boobies is a fantasy story that begins with a man living on an island where a tree grows breasts.

Otaku 2000 features a mangaka in a slump and a temp assistant.

A Green, Smooth, Beautiful Body involves an anthropologist researching a tribe of natives.

There is also an extra with an illustration, crossword, and a piece obsessing about toast to a degree greater than I thought possible.

Coffee with Sugar, Love by the Window and A Green Smooth, Beautiful Body were the two stories I enjoyed most. These stronger stories placed at midpoint and near the end of the volume result in a satisfying read, warding off boredom from chapter to chapter. To Maa-sama is also something more unique as it delves a little into sexual identity. Fans of Asumiko Nakamura and readers who look for erotica with elegance or substance would do well to also search out some of her earlier work like this collection. Just skip the first chapter.
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