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Book Cover for Iris Zero Vol. 1
Iris Zero Vol. 1
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613136911
Language: English
Release: 06/05/2014
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

In a world where nearly every kid has a superpower called an “Iris,” only a few unfortunate people like Toru are born without. Bullied throughout his childhood, his motto in life is “Zero Attention” — keep your head down and don’t stand out. But after one of the most popular girls in school confesses to him, his motto is put to the test. The end of his ordinary days has arrived…

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  Straight-forward and has its own charm
by   10/14/2014
How long has it been since I've read an entire volume in one sitting? I gotta say, this comic does a good job at telling a story through an everyman's perspective, surrounded by those with supernatural powers in his environment, and making him 'unique' in the sense that he's actually just 'normal' like us. I totally recommend giving at least the first volume a shot. I totally recommend at least giving the first volume a shot now if you're using to downloading from E-manga site, wait till its available on comiXology if you prefer that platform, or gets a physical edition out(if it does get a physical release). A few minor typos and a blank character description, but they had little to no impact on my personal enjoyment of this title. Seriously, give it a shot!
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