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Book Cover for Wolf Magic
Wolf Magic
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Publisher: Juné
eISBN: 9781613136966
Language: English
Release: 06/25/2014
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

Cool and popular Nagase has no problem getting men to respond to his good looks and charm! But has he ever really been adored? And why is his ultra-shy friend Higuchi suddenly on his mind every minute of the day?

Wolf Magic tempts and teases with the trembling excitement of first love! Will a quiet florist find the man of his dreams during business hours? And can an innocent friendship blossom into full-blown romance?

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  Unexpected drama with good art.
by Pennyiscute  07/09/2014
The first arc of "Wolf Magic" called "The Water of Love For the Withered Flower" is about a guy who has a stern face and works in a florist. He has a tough attitude and appearance that scares anyone who doesn't know him. His customer, Hata, tells him he likes him. From there, Hanasaki, the florist, tries to figure out why he can't accept Hata's love and why he hates himself so much.

The second arc of "Wolf Magic, the cover and main story, is about the noisy/popular guy, Higuchi, pushing his friendship onto the quiet/aloof guy, Nagase, and eventually falling in love with him. It's a slow battle as Higuchi can't break through Nagase's shell to get him to understand his feelings. Nagase slowly figure out that he likes Higuchi back, but only after Higuchi stop spending time with him due to Higuchi suspected one-sided feelings getting hurt over Nagase not reciprocating.

I found that the drama was quiet deep, and was hidden under the happy-go-lucky attitude the characters gave off. There was emotional drama either related around self hate towards their personal appearances, or their sexual preferences.

In the second arc, we get a flash back scene about Higuchi's first sexual encounter. He fell in love with a boy from school but was traumatized over how it played out. Fast forward a few years and Higuchi is a bitter person towards loves. He still has hope of finding someone to love him but he is still very skeptical.

I liked the art. It had a loose sketchy appeal that was still detailed with nice shading and tones. I liked the character designs, clothing and scenery. It wasn't over the top or graphic, just pleasant and easy on the eyes; matched the themes in the story. I rate manga based around it's art. Sure, a good story will add to my score but the art always comes out on top, for me.

I would happily read more works from NATSUKI Zippo, as they were not shallow or smutty, had good drama, likable characters and romance.

[Copied from my Baka-Updates review]
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