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Book Cover for Aqua Bless
Aqua Bless
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Publisher: Project-H
eISBN: 9781624592164
Language: English
Release: 09/26/2014
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

Mind-reading is a remarkable power…but what if you could actually read bodies? Mari Kyono is blessed (or cursed) with the ability to feel every electric kiss and tender touch if she’s near anyone who’s getting it on! But will she break her steamy curse with a little one-on-one affection?

Aqua Bless bursts to life with sexy stories of cute costumes, kinky bullies, and one very hot swimsuit! Can sweet, innocent guys and girls outwit their crafty playmates and outlast even the most veteran bedroom performers?




Tag: 69, Anal, Bikini, Blow job, Chikan, Childhood friends, Collection of Stories/One-Shots, Crossdressing, Cunnilingus, Femdom, Force, Group Intercourse, Harem, Hentai, Humiliation, Idol, Masturbation, Megane, Nakadashi, Netori, Oral, Oshiri, Otokonoko / Joso, Paizuri, Pettanko, Reverse rape, School uniform, Sex toys, Tan girls, Uncensored, Vanilla

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  Interesting and assorted collection
by   09/23/2015
Aqua Bless is a decent collection of different stories. There is a pretty good range of humor in all of the stories, as the characters are put into different situations and scenarios. Some, like Cow Girl and Train Woman, have a strong feature of role reversal, where the female character is often the one in charge of the situation or starts in one direction and has a nice change-up in the middle. All of the action is very well done, and the sex scenes are well illustrated. Nothing is "extreme" and outrageous, as most of the sex is done sweet, funny, or a bit on the humorous side. The artwork is not exceptional, but serves the story well, and the illustrations are nicely done. Overall, a nice set of one-shots.
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