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Book Cover for Age of Adventure
Age of Adventure
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613137994
Language: English
Release: 03/06/2015
Age Rating: Teen (13+)

In 1876, young Takanosuke Arashi is sent by the Edo government to deliver a top-secret message to the United States of America. When his ship is waylaid by pirates, Takanosuke is cast adrift with an eclectic group of passengers, including a dog with four names, and part of a treasure map. Then begins an adventure that will take Rakanosuke around the world, from the wild-west, to old Morocco, to Baghdad. Who will get their hands on Napoleon's treasure first?

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by   04/12/2018
I read the whole piece, even though i often thought: What's happening here? This doesn't make any sense...
Indeed it is a story with loose parts happening all over the world and in the Afterword described as a story for which Tezuka was kind of out of ideas.
This is visible in the plotpline, which jumps and has weird elements that pop up and don't always make any sense to the (western?) reader. Often i thought this could be part of the cultural humor.
He wrote it while working on two other stories Astroboy and Jungle Emperor, so it is understandable that this story is not the best of all his stories.
With an amount of 400 different stories published in his life, not every story is going to be a brilliant one.

As for the rating i am giving it a 3 out of 5, because of the for me weird plotline and logical inconsistencies, but i am still impressed that he was able to press out so many ideas while working on these two other series.

If you want to read it, as a completion to read anything Tezuka it is definitely worth a read.
If you want to read it because of a consistent storyline i would not advise to read it.
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