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Book Cover for The Lily and the Rose
The Lily and the Rose
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Publisher: Yaoi Press
Language: English
Release: 09/04/2015
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

World renowned studio Dany&Dany, creators of Idol and Wishing for the Moon, return with a sumptuously illustrated gothic tale of forbidden love in revolution era France.

Christophe wants nothing more than to be a simple country priest. When he refuses to sleep with a corrupt Cardinal, he’s forced to work in the same manor as the man who almost tempted him away from the cloth when they were younger. Alain was Christophe’s true love, but Christophe chose to join the priesthood rather than be with him.

Alain bitterly remembers Christophe’s rejection. He accepts the Cardinal’s assignment: destroy Christophe’s career with a scandal. Will his cruel conviction hold once Alain learns how devastated Christophe was to have to deny his feelings for him?

Christophe – This young handsome priest gave up his true love to devote himself to the church. He’s dedicated himself to his righteous path despite the tear in his heart that never healed. Christophe is a tortured, conflicted soul. He tries hard not to waver from his ideals even when he’s victimized by the very organization he gave up so much to be part of.

Alaine – A handsome rogue who disguises himself as nobility to get close to a rich countess. He’s not after money. His one goal in life is to get revenge on the man who murdered his mother in cold blood. He had a chance for happiness too once, but Christophe rejected him in favor of his ‘morals.’ Alaine’s beautiful appearance hides a heart full of bitterness and hatred.

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  Sooooo Cute!
by   10/02/2015
The dudes look like Bratz but they really are pretty and the story is super cute. I was scared it would be sad but I loved it!
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