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Book Cover for Love Dog
Love Dog
  (1 review)
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Publisher: Project-H
eISBN: 9781613137055
Language: English
Release: 01/19/2016
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

‏There’s a dangerous website where women get to explore their true passions. “My Dog House” is making rounds online, but many of the visitors end up missing. If found, they’ve been brought to levels of depravity unheard of by society. What is this site’s connection to the mysterious “Breeder,” and how is he connected to this girl, Alice, who may harbor the secret to eternal life and health? Is she the mutt at the end of a yanked chain, or is she the tail wagging the dog?


Tag: Anal, Ahegao, BDSM, Ball Gag, Bikini, Black Mail, Bukakke, Dirty Old Man, Force, Humiliation, Idol, Lactation, Masturbation, Maledom, Megane, Mind Break, Oppai, Oral, Oshiri, Porn with a Plot, Pubic Hair, School girl, Sex Toys, Shibari, Shimapan, Stockings, Teacher, Uncensored, Video Recording, Watersport, Yuri

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customer reviews
  Clear, uncensored, but not to my tastes
by Stevarooni  02/12/2016
The art here is uncensored, shows the action clearly, and is focused narrowly on the fantasy of several submissive women to "discover" their submissive nature by being invited to a Dom's dungeon and giving in to his domination, which turns out to fulfill a need they didn't realize that they had, even concluding that this was their actual nature.

The art is good, though not very detailed outside of genitalia. The story gets a bit repetitive, though the characters are fairly unique between stories.

Simply put, an interesting if unappealing story idea, and adequate but uninspired art.
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