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Book Cover for Angus's Lost Lady
Angus's Lost Lady
  (2 review)
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Language: English
Release: 12/01/2012
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)
"Do you know who I am?" Rebecca, a girl with no memory and a missing shoe, arrives at Angus's private detective agency. She found his business card in her coat pocket, but Angus does not know who she is. Angus invites the shivering and frightened girl into his warm home where he lives with his young daughter. Soon they become powerfully attracted to each other, but on the morning after they first make love, a man claiming to be Rebecca's fiancé appears...!
editorial reviews
ComicsWorthReading - Johanna
It’s a quick read, breezy and predictable, but it satisfies the formula nicely in getting to its happy ending, with a bit of mystery to liven up the love story.
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customer reviews
  Angus's Lost Lady
by toni0  02/22/2017
I liked this story it had as the title stated a lost lady one who didn't remember her name let alone what happen to her. The male hero is a private detective and ends up helping her while also falling in love with her. Will she remember who she is? Is she a married or engaged women? Doe she fell the same for Angus as he does for her. One must read to find the answer.
Good read.
  Angus's Lost Lady
by K  06/14/2013
A woman comes knocking on Angus's door and asks for help. She has no memories of who she is or where she is from, and Angus decides to help her out because he is a detective. Of course, they fall in love, but does this woman have someone else in her life?

It starts off as a typical love story, but has a twist in the end!

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