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Book Cover for Moon and Blood vol.1
Moon and Blood vol.1
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Publisher: DMP
eISBN: 9781613132739
Language: English
Release: 05/15/2011
Age Rating: Teen (13+)
Sayaka is in for quite a surprise. Sitting at the family breakfast table one morning is a handsome stranger, a boy named Kai. And he has come to stay, at least, temporarily. Though she’s never met him before, the aloof and ill-humored boy is supposed to be a friend of her father’s.

Having him at home is one thing, but to have Kai show up at her school too, well, it’s turning out to be more than what Sayaka can handle. With her interests piqued, Sayaka begins to wonder exactly what it is that links Kai to her family, and where does he disappear to every night? Plus, there’s the matter of the mysterious cat…

Nao Yazawa, of Wedding Peach fame, tackles paranormal romance in Moon and Blood. Prepare to be mesmerized!
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by cookiemonster  02/22/2013
The art is quite reminiscent of an older time - not in a bad way though. It's fairly uncluttered and well drawn.

The plot begins with two vampires that essentially infiltrate Sayaka's home to feed on them. As you could imagine complications arise. The plot does move smoothly, and it's focused. Which is fairly nice.

The characters are pretty distinct, and the plot moves fairly quickly. I would recommend reading this with a clear head for optimal enjoyment and less "wait-what?" feeling you can get if you read something while distracted.

4/5 - a solid, good, and entertaining read.

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