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Book Cover for The Color Of The Clear Blue Sky
The Color Of The Clear Blue Sky
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130360
Language: English
Release: 10/05/2011
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

Sakae Sugiura working hard to become a teacher, gets an assistant teacher position at an elementary school. There he meets his old elementary school homeroom teacher, Ryuji Fukada. Fukada-Sensei was someone Sakae looked up to, someone who supported him. Now, Sakae is shocked by how different Fukada is and feels lost. But since he’s no longer a student, will his feelings towards Fukada change...?

editorial reviews
This is a cute little manga with not too much angst, appropriate longing, mutual affection and consent, not overly graphic, a happy ending, and my "I just want to read something adorable" stamp of approval.
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customer reviews
  A Color Worth Taking a Look At
by themooninautumn  10/14/2013
This sweet story of a new elementary school teacher and his reunion with his former elementary school teacher Fukada who inspired him to become a teacher is a cut above the average BL story. Sugiura Sakae's feelings are pretty complex when he sees his old teacher again: the cool and collected sensei he remembers is now kind of slovenly and unshaven and laid-back. As Sakae gradually gets to know this new person as an adult, he sees glimpses of things that are the same but eventually starts to have additional, romantic feelings toward the man as a whole. This is, of course, an impossible relationship in Sakae's opinion, so he deals with the pain as best he can and tries to move forward. Meanwhile, Fukada, who remembers Sakae as a lively kid who shut down a little when his parents got abusive and eventually got a divorce, sees in his former student echoes of his former self. He starts to clean up his act, but he also knows he's older and can no longer be the teacher he once was.

Elements that raise the bar: consensuality, adults in a complicated relationship with each other, sweetness not marred by creepiness, a point of view different from the usual school story, other interesting adults, etc.. Elements that make me cringe: I wasn't thrilled with the idea that the non-teacher sides of a person are related to sex and not, you know, other sides of a person outside of the school/work day , but this is a one-shot, so I'm really asking for the stars here, I suppose.

This is a solid, single-volume story well drawn, well told, and well worth a read.
  So Cute!
by kanamesamas  07/07/2013
I really like this story. The artwork is cute and the seme is sexy for an older character. This really makes the dream of your childhood crush on your favorite teacher come to fruition. This done in a non-creepy way. It becomes a sensei/sensei. Very well done and very cute. Puts a smile on your face.
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