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Book Cover for Warning! Whispers of Love
Warning! Whispers of Love
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Publisher: Juné
eISBN: 9781613132616
Language: English
Release: 12/22/2011
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

Hajime can’t wait to make the scene at his high school…but his dreams of coolness are soon dashed by the appearance of the weird and wily Nagura! A third-year elite student with a serious thing for perfect ears, Nagura will stop at nothing ‘til he’s swabbed Hajime to his heart’s content! How long can this pair of almost-friends keep their cat-and-mouse game going?

editorial reviews
Otaku USA
The art is sweetly endearing and the characters are expressive, which helps the many gags.
Otaku USA
The clean and organic look is a refreshing change of pace for those tired of the harsh angularity of a lot of yaoi art.
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customer reviews
  I just love those kind of shounen ai stories!
by userofsite  10/12/2013
I consider myself lucky enough for having found this mangaka. Puku Okuyama is, according to me, the new queen of sweetness in yaoi manga.

Specifically Warning! Whispers of Love tells the story of two young high school boys, a senpai and his kouhai, that awkwardly fell in love with each other. Have you ever heard of a boy wanting to show his affection towards his favorite beloved one by wanting to clear his ears? Somewhat like that a catch-me-if-you-can game starts and emotions are about to bloom! There are no hot scenes, but gentle love instead! The kissing scene was wonderfully developed and made me go a bit dizzy!

As far as the other one shots I really liked the Room chapters, showing the relationship between and an outgoing and an introvert person. The other stories were cute, but not that memorable to me.

To sum it up, this manga is great for those that go for the sweetness of the first love. The characters are drawn in a style that make them look a bit younger than their real age, but this adds to the general feeling of cuteness.

I really hope that I can see more manga of this great creator! Because she made me appreciate the lighter yaoi stories!
by cookiemonster  03/15/2013
The premise of the main story follows a schoolboy who falls in love with one of his younger schoolmates. So naturally he tries to chat him up - by offering to clean his ears.

Naturally that conversation doesn't go so well and complications arise. Overall it's all sorts of awkward and hilarity.

The other stories are somewhat similar in that way. None of the characters are ridiculously good-looking and overachieving, which leaves a more realistic feel - which is offset by the comical value that the mangaka puts in.

Art is pretty cute too. =]
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