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Book Cover for The Rule Of Standing On Tiptoe
The Rule Of Standing On Tiptoe
  (9 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130117
Language: English
Release: 10/17/2011
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

A new student enrolls in Kosuke’s sophomore class in high school. As a perfect foil to Kosuke’s short stature, Raku is tall, manly and popular with girls. Although Kosuke initially feels jealous, he soon learns of Raku’s secret and is asked to keep it a secret. Raku finds himself taking an interest in Kosuke and they begin to grow closer. This is a high school romantic comedy about an odd couple!

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  This is actually good even thought not yaoi
by   02/07/2016
I am a yaoi fan but shounen-ai is sometimes actually very refreshing especially when the characters are so cute and innocent. Like this this series, would recommend for that don't mind reading shounen-ai instead yaoi. There is not 18+ scenes in this manga, just kissing that's as much as they do but it's really cute to read something that doesn't depict relationship as s#$ is essential.
  (Took this from my mangaupdates review)
by Stephanie E.  03/02/2014
It's a volume-length oneshot so it's longer than a short one chapter oneshot, but after you finish it, you realize that it wasn't that long at all, and will want moar ; v ;

I love Okuyama Puku's style SO MUCH. It's really cute, and I feel it's unique in that it sets her apart from other styles. Okuyama Puku draws the cutest chibi faces ever!

It's a shounen-ai, so nothing explicit. If you've read the mangaka's other works, Caramel and Warning! Whispers of Love, then this one is an in between of them in regards to the intimacy. But, well, I'm one more for fluff and slice of life-ish stuff, rather than a sex-focused plot, so if you prefer the latter, then maybe this won't satisfy you? BUT I still recommend it anyways! The romance isn't rushed and most of it is really cute fluff, and at times hyper. The main charas are likable and the development comes at a nice pace, imo. The amount of other side characters makes me feel like they could've also developed had the story been longer. Anyways, the focus is still on the main two though, if straying storylines is bothersome to you. Hopefully the romantic parts make you squee as much as I did~

I wish I had an english version hardcopy of this manga, but only have a digital copy. I will most likely buy it again if it was released as a book, or I may buy the Japanese volume, so long as it hasn't sold out. I urge anyone to give it a try, and other Okuyama Puku works. Although, maybe the fact that none of her works have free access keeps her stuff under the radar from other english readers. ANYWAYS, She's already gotten 3 things licensed and released so here's hoping for more! I'm dying to read Ichi Ni no San!.....
  My favourite kind of approach to the friends-to-lovers trope
by cyanshine  11/09/2013
This is such a blast - cute and funny and believably romantic. I love friends-to-lovers stories in which the friends *feel* like friends. In this one you get such a good sense of how much they like each other, how much fun hanging out together is. Their whole friend group has a wonderful dynamic. I loved the background f/f pair especially (little Ruri is such a *weirdo*), but they were all great.
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