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Book Cover for The Reason Why He Loves Him So Much
The Reason Why He Loves Him So Much
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130070
Language: English
Release: 01/11/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

He just happened to be in the cafe my friend and I walked into.

I won't love Hanawa-san. He is the spitting image of a childhood friend I was in love with.
I can't love him.
These are the thoughts of Toono Nozomi, a high school student.
However, with just one kiss, Nozomi's heart betrays him…

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  not really my taste
by aichan  04/06/2013
I hate stories about replacement but I gave this a try anyways. But I didnt like it at all, this dude wasnt even sure who is in love with before dating (it seems like the uke doesnt think dating is a big deal, considering he dated countless number of men in the shortest of time). At the end, he was calling his old crush's name during sleep and he only feeds the seme pretty words like "believe me". Like hell. I would still feeling insecure as ever if I was the seme, the end is easygoing and ambiguous. The seme is a typical "Im not gay but ur cute so Im OK" At first, the seme said he only thinks the uke at a younger brother but BAM, he is in love and there was no development about it whatsoever.
  Sweet but a little tragic story.
by Senyoru-Chan  01/06/2013
I like this, the story was pretty tragic though, made you think about a lot of stuff. Luckily things turn a little brighter in the end. I'd say try this if you're more of a story person cause' there wasn't much smut in it. But it was still really cute and sweet. The art was different and pretty too.

I would have given this an ever higher score if it was a little longer. I kinda wanted to know more about how their relationship grew in the end.

Still a good sweet BL manga. <3
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