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Book Cover for Full Bloom
Full Bloom
  (2 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130162
Language: English
Release: 12/18/2012
Age Rating: Teen (13+)

A boy named Shiina Masaki has a crush. Except, the person he is infatuated with disappeared three years ago and he hasn’t seen her since—for three years he has saved himself for that girl, Nagi. Much to the frustrations of the female populous in the school, he has remained unmoving in his devotion. One day a pair of twins transfer in, one male and one female, both named Nagi! Shiina is distraught—
he is smitten with the female Nagi, but turns red at the sight of the male Nagi. Will he ever get his emotions straight or will his life be filled with teenage angst? ----------------- Translated by Joseph Blake;
Edited by Nikki Stinson;
Lettered by C. Hoek

editorial reviews
This was a cute, well-drawn manga, with a plot that I think is interesting. Maybe Vol II will bring it all into clearer perspective? I hope so!
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customer reviews
  twin shenanigans
by cyanshine  06/04/2014
An engaging twin story, just complicated enough to be intriguing. The ensemble characters are interesting too. I hope we'll get the next volume soon.
  Lovely Story
by harobed  12/08/2013
Full Bloom Vol. 1 is not rushed or hurried. The plot unfolds at its own pace while revealing the story, but held my interest and made me care about the characters. Some things are "put on the table" while other things are not. This is was very enjoyable to read and I hope the next volume is released soon because volume 1 ended on a cliffhanger. Full Bloom does not contain sex or smut for those looking for it.
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