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Book Cover for Flower Shadow's Memory
Flower Shadow's Memory
  (1 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130582
Language: English
Release: 01/30/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

Soft-spoken butler Laurent loves plants above all else. But Laurent himself is the object of another's affection; Arthur, the short-tempered master of the house. Despite being master and servant, Arthur and Laurent grow up together, and spend many an hour in the estate gardens, where Laurent lovingly tends the plants growing there. Love also blossoms in those gardens and it's there that Arthur confesses his feelings for Laurent. However, things only go downhill from there... will history give these two lovers another chance, or see them go their separate ways forever?

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  Quiet drama
by   09/14/2016
This has become a favorite drama. Childhood friends- gentleman and a servant with a side of quiet emotions. First read, I had trouble keeping characters apart. Hint is to watch which side the hair is parted.
Sometimes the artwork is distracting with proportions. I think something was lost in translation regarding whose grandfather died. I determined it was the servant's- sickroom, cemetery, house keys.
The story is paced well in showing the current relationship with a lot of flashback. I was never confused on the timeline.
Very low on the smut meter. There is sex but don't buy for the sex scenes you will be disappointed... tender sex scene was... what a really long arm with a huge hand (distracting proportions.)
I read this at least once a week. I love it.
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