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Book Cover for I'm The Big Brother
I'm The Big Brother
  (7 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130636
Language: English
Release: 03/15/2012
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

Nao has taken care of his two younger twin brothers, Tetsuto and Asuma, for as long as he can remember. Thanks to his care and affection, they’ve grown up into two fine gentlemen who are now super popular at school. However, they’re both totally obsessed with their big brother! The two constantly vie for the innocent and oblivious Nao’s attention. Their competition goes into high gear during the school field day. With Nao as the prize, neither Tetsuto nor Asuma can afford to lose!

Also included is the short story In the Soup, where the amazing cook Wataru realizes that he may not know as much about food as he thinks he does.-------------Translated by Leighann Harvey; Edited by Lindley Warmington; Lettered by S. Russell

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  Cute and Funny
by harobed  11/23/2014
I am a fan of cute manga, especially if there is humor too, so I really enjoyed this. What makes "I'm the Big Brother" better than similar stories is, the cute guy isn't dumb and he already knows how he feels, so he doesn't lead anybody on with lukewarm behavior. In fact we see how brave he is at the end. Recommend if explicit sex isn't a must.
  Happy Endings For All
by Idioteva  10/15/2013
I'm the Big Brother is a story about a young boy who has to look after his younger twin brothers after the death of their mother. When they grow up it's safe to say that having a brother complex is an understatement. While the book starts off fanservicey and light hearted, the book knows when to take itself seriously and it does. Unlike most books of any genre involving twins, love interests and love triangles/squares/pick a shape; this title doesn't cop out with a cheap and easy solution which made me very happy. If your a fan of sibling love and want something that is light hearted but at the same time serious, I recommend picking this up.
  One Word: CUTE!
by Pennyiscute  09/23/2013
This would have to be one of my manga's that i re-read all the time. If I'm in the mood for some silly comedy and fluffy-heart-filled scenes...this title is what i pick up.

[ Story ]
Plot is basically about twins who have a serious brother complex for their older brother. So of course lots of 'moe-moments' as they act out their day-to-day lives chasing after their brother. Baths together, cuddles, kissing, monopolizing him in every way. The complex, however, starts to escalate when a third party shows interest in their brother.

There was also a nice little plot twist thrown in - i won't give it away - that added a nice break from the comedy/chibis. I like the story. It was simple and heart warming. Made my heart flutter.

[ Art ]
I was drawn in from the cover art but was pleasantly surprised with what followed. At first i didn't like it but the more times i read it the more it grew on me. The younger twins are HOT! Their eyes took some getting use to but the anatomy, chibis and scenery won me over.

[ Character ]
What can i say, the twins are typical twins: same on the outside but have different personalities. At first you don't notice but as the layers are stripped away you start to pick up on the subtitle things, like who 'likes' Nao and who 'Loves' Nao more.

Nao is your typical 'in-denial' character...or so it seems. As you get closer to the end you realise how much he actually pays attention to his brother's love. I like Nao, he's not just some stupid uke. He really brings something to the table which makes the story so much better.

[ Enjoyment ]
This always brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Sure it's typical BL with the same scenarios, but i found that the silly comedy and the touching drama elicited many emotions from me. I was laughing at the comedy. I was blushing as the twins devoured their brother and i was sad when Nao was at his low point. The only thing i would criticize was the lack of 'juicy' scenes but the plot, characters and, well, everything else made up for it.

[ Overall ]
This is one of those rare BL's that has a good dose of everything: good comedy, sweet romance, good characters, interesting drama scenes and nice art. I wouldn't suggest this for a quick fix as i feel that would underrate it for what it is. Instead, read this for a heart warming BL.

(Copied from my review on MyAnimeList - Pennyiscute)
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