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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130940
Language: English
Release: 03/15/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
Izumi Morida thought he was in a happy relationship with Tomoya Jinguuji until Tomoya suddenly walked out on him without an explanation. Half a year later, Izumi has found a new love and things are progressing well when Tomoya suddenly reappears. Only, Tomoya has a horrible scar on his face and he can’t seem to remember Izumi at all! Their attraction to each other remains strong but Izumi soon finds that the kind, gentle lover he remembers has a dark streak. Has Tomoya changed or was Izumi’s first true love hiding a secret all along? Will Izumi be able to accept the real Tomoya or will memories of how things used to be get in the way?---------Translated by Karoline Saetrum; Edited by Aliena Shoemaker & L.V. Barker; Lettered by Florence Benjumea & Riven
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  Good Story. Messy Artwork.
by Yaoi_Mama  03/12/2014
I really like this story but the artwork during action sequences and love scenes is rather messy. I don't know why the mangaka does this because otherwise her characters and artwork are nice to look at. I suppose the messy artwork suggests violent motion and acts as a sort of censor as it makes it hard to clearly see what is happening. Despite the messy artwork, I am interested in the characters and the story's continuation so I will read its sequel, Kizu-Ato.
  Again with the mess
by kanamesamas  02/09/2013
I have already reviewed 2 of this mangaka's works here on Emanga and this one is no different. For the most part I really like Asahi sensei's story lines. This one happens to be a two volume one. I once again only give three stars due to how messy a lot of the panels are and how whiny the uke is throughout the manga. I do like this character more than most of hers though. The continuation is in Kizu Ato. I do recommend this to read though.
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