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Book Cover for These Are The Hungry
These Are The Hungry
  (2 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130353
Language: English
Release: 03/15/2012
Age Rating: Teen (13+)

Life doesn’t always go as planned. High school sophomore and star catcher Itoshima devoted every fiber of his being to baseball, only to have the cruel mistress that is fate rip his one love in life away from him, due to an irrecoverable injury. Freshman Saitozaki never dreamt that his beginning days of high school, what should be the prime of his youth, would consist of battling incompetent bus schedules, unsympathetic teachers, and punishments that put his very life at risk. He also never imagined having these strange new feelings that have arisen ever since Itoshima crossed his path in his time of need. Is fate playing another harsh trick on this hapless duo, or will Saitozaki and Itoshima take destiny into their own hands and rediscover how to laugh and love?----------Translated by Brittany Sweet; Edited by Kristina Potts; Lettered by Mia Chiresa

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  A new mangaka to stalk
by moshikashitara  10/11/2013
It's not often that I discover a new mangaka whose works I really, really like. This book was one of those - bought on spec, not knowing what to expect, it blew me away. Very well written, interestingly drawn, it's head and shoulder above the usual high school romance drivel. Most importantly, it has a moving plot and characters that feel real. Highly recommended to all those who don't mind having to read a bit busy pages!
  I like it
by aichan  05/05/2013
This is a very cute and innocent read. Not much sex but more about high school boys and overcoming hardships. The art is cute too and matches the story really well.
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