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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613131268
Language: English
Release: 03/15/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
This sizzling collection of eight stories will put your heart into OVERDRIVE! Pick your pleasure!
From a student who is suddenly swooped up by a fugitive host to a pair of long term lovers who find out what a tube of lube can and can't do--there's a story in here that will cruise with you!
Read them all! The brakes are cut; we’re in intense OVERDRIVE!------Translated by Barbara J. Vincent; Edited by Kimberly Lammens; Lettered by Alexandra Gunawan
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  Pas your free time with variety in plot & love scenes
by userofsite  09/07/2013
OverDrive is the only manga by Nakamura Koume.

A three star rating is a low, so I'd say 3,5-3,6...

This manga consists of 8 short stories, whereas the two first of them are linked together. The first and second chapters are about a fugitive host and his college student friend-lover, the third chapter tells the story of two friends, one of which has an unrequited (?) love towards the other. Next, the fourth chapter describes a senpai-kouhai relationship and their only night together during school days. Coming up, my favorite story about a long-distance couple that wants to spice up its sex life with... love lotion! There are also a story about two classmates that are in the same kabuki club, one about a surfer and a businessman and the last but not least story contains a fish market seller and his assistant.

This volume has a lot of advantages, one of them being the huge variety when it comes the plot, businessmen, school boys, even surfers and fishermen! So, there are quite a few different plots, but some of them leave the readers with the feeling that they could have been developed further.

Another plus is that it contains a lot of love scenes! They are pretty good, especially the one with the lube. Almost all of them seemed consensual to me, except chapter 7 (sixth story)...

Regarding the art style, I took quite a liking to it, since the characters had sex appeal, the bodies were nicely drawn and I loved the face of Billy (one of the protagonists from 5th chapter). But, I wasn't that fond of the fact that sometimes I found the art style a bit sketchy with not so many clear lines.

To sum it up, it's a great reading when someone is in the mood for something light, but still wants to read a bit of bedroom action. Great variety for all kinds of taste even though there is lack in the depth of the stories.
  Perfect Little Dalliance on the Side
by Epistasthai  08/31/2013
OverDrive is a book for when you don’t want something serious, but are looking for a little dalliance on the side. It’s a simple series of oneshots. Nothing too complicated or intense, but it’s cute and sweet all the same. The stories are about fugitives on the run; ramen love; discovering what lubricant can do for your relationship; “Will you quit saying that?” and more. All the stories have something in common – they’re full of steamy scenes! OverDrive is a fun light-hearted read for when you’re in the mood for some fun but nothing too serious. A one-night stand so to speak. The art is interesting and her characters are manly. Sometimes in yaoi, the ukes are very feminine. That's not the case here.
There are stories about:

Fugitives on the run. (Ryota doesn’t know why Tamiya has to run and he doesn’t care, as long as he’s with Tamiya. But is Tamiya only with Ryota because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go?)

Friends or lovers? (Yuki and Kai struggle with the boundary between friends and lovers. Do they dare cross that boundry? But when Yuki goes missing in a natural disaster, Kai suddenly realizes he might not be able to ever see Yuki again! He doesn’t even have Yuki’s work or family numbers!)

Ramen comfort. (Yano and Takayama were together at uni. When Yano had to withdraw from uni due to a family emergency, Takayama was devastated. Several years later, Takayama runs into Yano in Tokyo. Over a meal at a ramen shop he wonders what to say.)

OverDrive is full of interesting characters and the stories, for oneshots, are well-rounded. It’ll be interesting to see what other works Koume Nakamura has done.

I give this a 4 out of 5 stars because it made me laugh and it kept my interest all the way through. The characters are interesting and the stories are compelling. And I wanted to know more about these couples, which doesn't always happen with dalliances of this sort.

Disclosure: Disclosure: I’d like to thank DMG for the loan of a reviewer copy.
  Deadpan Fish Eyes
by kanamesamas  06/19/2013
Okay so weird title I know, but if you read this you might get why I put that. I didn't really care for this one, but I gave it 3 stars, because the artwork is clean and understandable. Also, this is a collection of one shots, so the plots are reasonable too. Although forceful is a theme that runs throughout. My biggest problem is the fact that at least one character in each story has a deadpan fish eye look on their face. Not only do they look stupefied, but they look brain dead. Also, I don't really go for the slow idiot type characters.
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