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Book Cover for My Boyfriend, The Mad Dog
My Boyfriend, The Mad Dog
  (3 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613131909
Language: English
Release: 04/17/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
When Honma agreed to be the exclusive assistant to Akae, a popular manga artist, he didn’t realize just what "exclusive" meant! Soon Akae refuses to draw another panel until Honma belongs to him - in mind and body. But Honma is haunted by a painful past. Can Akae help heal old wounds? Meanwhile Akae's editor Misonou has his own problems when another assistant, Sakai, shows up with some feisty demands. Soon Sakai has literally run Misonou ragged, and with his health in tatters he has a choice to make: Is diving into his work a good prescription, or has the best medicine been right in front of him all along?-------Translated by Lea Hisatake; Edited by Jennifer Zahorchak; Lettered by Ana Vegara
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  Sparkly Fireworks of Love
by Yaoi_Mama  02/07/2014
I really did like My Boyfriend, The Mad Dog. The art was to my liking. The two-related stories were really well-developed. The third stand-alone story was short and sweet. There were ample but not over the top sex scenes. I would have given this a higher rating if it weren't for the sparkly fireworks of love censoring. It totally detracted from the overall reading / viewing experience. There are better ways to censor this material rather than using bright white flash-like dots. It was totally distracting. Entire scenes were ruined by this sort of censoring. It made crucial key scenes seem silly. If you're going to censor 18+ content please find a less blatant and distracting method. You couldn't help but be drawn to these flashing strobe like bursts. Totally annoying.
  So Possessive!
by Marisa  10/15/2013
A conflictuous relationship between a manga artista and his assistant. Only physical, at least that's what Honma expects, but Akae has a different idea. He won't settle for just sex, he wants both his mind, body and heart to belong to him.
As usual Sanae Rokuya gives a mind blowing experience, that leaves nothing to desire.
If you want, check her other works like Revenge! or Not for Sale!.
Hope you enjoy, because i sure did.
  Liked It
by kanamesamas  06/13/2013
This manga is basically comprised of three stories. The 1st and 2nd ones have the characters tie into each other.
The 1st story is about a mangaka and his assistant, The 2nd story is about the previous mangaka's editor and a newbie that he is taking on as his last, the 3rd is a stand alone about college boy being in love with best friend and best friend's little brother being in love with the boy. The boy becomes the younger brother's tutor. I liked all of them, but just a warning the last 2 stories do have rape in them, for those of you who do not like that. Everything works out in the end as it does in the yaoi world. I felt the stories were just long enough and could be added onto in another volume or can be left as is. The sex scenes were were just steamy enough.
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