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Book Cover for Samejima-Kun And Sasahara-Kun
Samejima-Kun And Sasahara-Kun
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Publisher: Juné
eISBN: 9781613134061
Language: English
Release: 04/25/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

Samejima and Sasahara are friends. They go to college together, they're in the same year, and they even work at the same place! But when Samejima confesses his feelings run deeper, their relationship explodes in passion... and irritation! Sasahara tries to ignore Samejima, and he tells him to wake up - he tries to accept him, and Samejima plays hard to get. It's enough to drive a man crazy, in more way than one!

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  Feel the friendship
by   10/18/2015
These guys seemed like real friends and real everyday situations. I was able to imagine these characters moving from friends to awkward lovers. I did enjoy the animated shark. This was funny but realistic.
  Read it many times and appreciate the art!
by userofsite  10/14/2013
When I first purchased this manga, I was hesitant. I wasn't sure if I would love, even like this drawing style and this overly used plot (college classmates/friends/co-workes end up in a relationship etc). But each time I read this manga, I find something new to be excited about! Such as the drawing details on a frame, or the extremely hilarious lines of a sex scene.

The art is quite sketchy and I wasn't really fond of it at first. But I got used to it pretty easily and really really enjoyed the steamy scenes (which are quite a few, by the way!!!) The art is quite revealing (if you get my hint) and the censoring is not bothering at all.

The story in general is full of funny lines and cutely awkward moments. There are many chapters and all of them depict the rough journey of the love life of two teenagers!

If I recall correctly, the drama cd has an extra scene, where their positions are reversed! Too bad there wasn't a drawn chapter in the original Japanese tankoubon, so that I could enjoy it in English!
by pinkfoot  10/11/2013
I loved this BL, well starting with the plot where friendship change to love I just like that specially if they are really close friends whom are frank with each other. I liked how the story started; I mean with Sasahara just going to Samejima's place like its nothing after the confession and the way he treasure their friendship. liked how every new progress in there relationship is amusing; the funny awkwardness, the way they shiver in nervousness when facing each other is just so cute and funny, but the most funny thing is when they complain about something; they just let it all out its hilarious. l enjoyed how the mutual feelings of love developed in a nice pace toward the ending.

This story is now officially in my favorites list.
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