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Book Cover for I Can Feel Your Hand
I Can Feel Your Hand
  (5 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130964
Language: English
Release: 12/18/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

Without reason or warning, Tsukiori finds himself kidnapped by gangbangers after school. Blindfolded, tied up, and helpless against his attackers, Tsukiori's heart soars to hear someone break down the gym's storage room door. He thinks he's been rescued as the mysterious figure single-handedly fights off the gang. However, when the silent stranger approaches Tsukiori and puts his hands on him rather than untying him, Tsukiori quickly realizes he's now just at the mercy of the man who saved him. The hands feel familiar, and it's all Tsukiori can do to comfort himself to hope they're the hands of a certain someone...

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  i can feel your hand
by jcsolcp  02/03/2014
good way to show tough guys can also be loving also.
by Pretty Good  12/08/2013
I LOVE LOVE bully/nerd theme yaoi >.> Especially when the bully's hate the ukes at first and beat the shit out of them and then fall for them. lol..

Anyways, The story was pretty nice.
The uke, was alright, I think he was pretty cute. I liked the fact that he cursed. lol
The seme, is for the most part the 'mute badboy' type.
He's a badass, but he has a good heart... maybe.
I didn't really like the dialogue at some parts.
The seme pretty much forced himself onto the uke. Didn't rape him, but yeah, forced kisses/touching and then later progressed to fondling. The uke has a hand fetish apparently. No bueno. ~_~

I dunno, I have mixed feels. At times I found the couple to be in sweet scenes and then in others that made me cringe a bit. The kidnappings were great tho.

I'm still WTF'd about the part where they are outside having a nice picnic and then BAM suddenly it's fucking time with the seme's best friend staring.. then begins telling his life story while a hilarity of a fuck-fest ensues. yehhh `-`
  Super sweet and sexy
by farris  10/13/2013
This book delivers exact what is described. A sweet uke who is rescued by a stranger. Two friends that both fall for the same guy. Evil thug gang and a good twist. The only con is that the two seme look so similar that it was some times hard to tell them apart.
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