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Book Cover for You In The Window
You In The Window
  (4 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613131855
Language: English
Release: 07/23/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

For three years, Shibata, a university professor who belittles himself for being gay, has had an unrequited love for the young man who sits alone each day in the university's cafeteria. As his thoughts stray from his research, Shibata wonders about this man. Is he a student? Why does he always sit alone? His questions are soon answered when he finally comes face to face with the man of his dreams, and Shibata soon realizes that first impressions are not always what they seem!

You in the Window is a compilation of stories that explores the dynamics of a one-sided love and what happens when that love is suddenly returned.

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  One shots without the faff
by Idioteva  10/15/2013
Where as many books with one shots are normally compilations of one shots about falling in love or just a quick lay, the stories in this book feel as if they could have been ripped straight from a full book, just taking the plot's climatic point and leaving out all the foreplay.

All the relationships are very varied which is a bonus but so is its stories. It's a book best read in its chapters rather than in its entirety as one second it can have you in hysterics and the next in tears. The overall collection really does show that she is defiantly not a one trick pony.
  I am disappoint.
by Russesa  10/06/2013
My love for Haruko Kumota has fizzled and cooled. I has the sads. Is it because I started with her later work and went backward to her earlier, unpolished stuff? Maybe the anthology format strikes again? Or maybe my expectations were set too high. I hope that’s all it is because Kitten Hair was SO precious, and Wild Rose had its ups and a few downs, but You in the Window mostly just let me down.

The title story is about a guy who’s disappointed that the guy he’s pining over isn’t what he imagined he’d be, even though said guy is -enthusiastically- interested in him. Good Bye Honey was about a -really- irritating guy and his one-sided relationship. Lay Down Sally and The Song in the Window were kinda meh. I actually liked Bad Boy Seventeen for its saucy uniform scene, but as always, the short format prevents the story from going any further. The last two stories are linked, about a photographer and his past and current loves. The drama is perhaps best developed in these two stories.

The localization was unremarkable, as I recall. I did a quick skim to refresh my memory of the stories for this review, but I'm not really in the mood to do a close reread to nitpick.

My rating is dancing on the edge of a 2/3, and I want to like this so badly I hope giving it the better rating will convince me to like it even just a little more.
by aichan  04/12/2013
I like this author from Nobara so I bought it and was so disappointing. Except the piano one, most of the stories left me a bad taste, bc they are all one-sided till the very end. One persistent guy and one just got swept by it and the story is too short to tell if the other ever loves the persistent one. The straight guys in this are so annoying, saying "I've been with many women" but they have sex with the uke anyways bc "since I know u like me" or "I want to try gay sex". I want to slap these guys.
The last 2 chapters also not my taste. So the uke brought his lover to see his ex (why?). The ex was insecure the whole time since he believed his lover is still in love with the ex (I can totally see that too). At the end of the chapter, I still had the bad feeling of the uke liking the ex and just being with the new seme just to have someone to be with. To add to my agony, the chapter after this is about the past, the ex and the uke, which makes me feel even worse for the new seme. I didnt like it.
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