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Book Cover for Wild Rose
Wild Rose
  (2 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613131848
Language: English
Release: 07/23/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

Love is oftentimes found when it's least expected, but it seldom comes easy. Take Kajiwara finds this out the hard way when the wife of his employee, Souichirou Kanda, shows up one day to deliver divorce papers! While Kanda is out, Take learns that Kanda is gay, and his wife is prepared to leave him and their daughter without a second thought. Although Kanda isn't surprised by his wife's decision, he is still left reeling from her sudden departure from his and their daughter's life. Take immediately steps in, realizing Kanda needs a helping hand, but is there something more behind his good intentions? If so, will Kanda accept Take's kindness for what it is, or expect that Take might want something in return?

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  Finally, a good collection for mature readers
by Idioteva  10/15/2013
Wild Rose is a collection of three stories. While volumes that contain multiple stories end up leaving me frustrated, this isn't the case is Wild Rose. Each of the stories are all different lengths with the right amount of pages given to each to cover the story.

The first story Wild Rose follows the story of a chef and his assistant who secretly has a crush on him. Unluckily for the assistant, he is currently going through a divorce with his wife causing a hard time for him and his daughter in this mess of love. The situation is handled very seriously and doesn't try to make some 'cheap fantasy cop out'. An added bonus chapter is added after the main story delivering all the saucyness you wanted to have happen.

The second story follows a cross dresser called Mimi and her quest to get the man of her dreams ( which she doesn't keep a secret from any of her friends). After a little help from her friends, Mimi needs to weigh up just how much her dream man means to her and what she is willing to give up. I like in this story how the characters don't just 'magically' change their beliefs but looks at the way that obstacles can be overcome and compromises met.

The shortest of the stories Lullaby or Birdland follows a traveller who becomes infatuated with a suicidal man he finds on his journey. After making a connection with this roguish man who only wishes to be free, can trust and love overcome all the warning lights?

In conclusion, all three stories delve into mature themes and deals with them all in a serious manor. All are given the right amount of time to unfold and is a lovely set of stories by an amazing mangaka.
  Very "awww," even when it's being serious
by Russesa  05/23/2013
Gay dads! Gay dads with adorable little kidlets! Gay dads and the men who love them! Haruko Kumota pushes a bunch of my moe buttons with Wild Rose, the story that takes up the first chunk of this volume. It’s a feel-good romance between the soon-to-be-divorced dad and his restaurant owner boss, with a spunky little girl and grinning grandma rounding out the little family they become.

The next story (spoilers ahoy!) is about Mimi, a bar host(ess) who gives up his dream of becoming a girl in order to stay a man for the cute bartender who can only love men. The sort of unbalanced relationship based on a compromise of that magnitude made this story a little worrisome to me at first, but the follow up chapter allayed my fears somewhat. As long as they’re both doing what they can to make the other happy, I’ll be rooting for them.

The third story goes a bit darker and edgier, as a Japanese traveler picks up a suicidal young man who calls himself Bird. They become traveling companions, and as they near Bird’s hometown, he becomes more withdrawn, tormented by his Tragic Past. Vacillating between goofy and moody, this is a story about finding closure and eventually, contentment.

Finally, most reviewers I know don’t bother to mention afterwords, but I’m kind of a sucker for them. :) In this book, Kumota gets a couple of pages to gush about aprons and curly hair. Cute.

The adapted script reads well enough except for the frequent and distracting misuse of commas, mostly at the end of dialogue bubbles where an ellipsis would serve better. I noticed a handful of untranslated sfx, and one page where a pair of dialogue bubbles was left blank. Not large missteps, but another round or two of QC would have been appreciated.

All in all, a pretty enjoyable read. My love affair with Kumota’s work began with My Darling Kitten Hair (RIP JManga :( ), and hopefully will continue with You in the Window, to be read next. After that, I’m crossing my fingers for more of her work to be translated into English.
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