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Book Cover for Beloved Toy
Beloved Toy
  (2 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130919
Language: English
Release: 08/01/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
Tomoya is in the middle of a whirlwind romance at work - and his lover is none other than the CEO! While he and his young, handsome partner are completely in love, he has one teensy problem: His lover Hasegawa is an adult toys fiend! Tomoya wants to stop being subjected to these items, but as their encounters begin happening during work hours and in the open air, he begins to wonder if he himself isn't just a toy for Hasegawa to play with.

Like the way this story sounds? Well do we have news for you: Beloved Toy is jam packed with a variety of stories just like this one. Such a wide variety in fact, that we can’t possibly fit it all in this one page! We have cosplay, roleplay, schoolplay... even carrot play? Oh my! Be sure to check out Beloved Toy for all your yaoi needs. You won’t be disappointed.
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  Yaoi treasure found.
by Rae  10/28/2013
The stories (yes, more than one) in this book will be quite the ride for yaoi lovers. The love stories are surprisingly short and sweet, but the sex is brilliantly carnal. Yaoi lovers will be pleased with this manga, if not only for the great sex scenes!
  Depending on what you like
by cookiemonster  02/14/2013
I would rate art about a 3.5/5. There's nothing notably wrong about it...but it's not the style I personally can get attached to. If you're curious, the art style is more or less what you'll see on the cover and in the preview.

The premise of these stories is more or less unimportant. Pretty much the only point of the plot is to get the characters of the story to bang each other in kinky ways.

That being said, if kinky sex between guys your cup of tea, then go ahead and pick it up!
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