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Book Cover for My Neighbor
My Neighbor
  (2 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613131879
Language: English
Release: 08/01/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
There’s something for everyone in Koshino's first collection, My Neighbor: Inumaru was perfectly (un)happy working as a convenience store manager, so when Sakura literally drops in on him, he’s exposed to a whole new world – one he's certainly not used to. How will this change his perspective? For 10 years Kawabata held sweet memories of his first love, Nishijima...until they end up trapped in a factory together during a snowstorm with absolutely no one around. Left with only each other for warmth, will Kawabata be able to restrain himself? Plagued by his neighbor's incessant alarm clock every morning, Higashi decides to take matters into his own hands, only, he's given a key instead?! How did one innocent little key change the lives of two men? How far will you trust your neighbor? Find out about these and more in Koshino’s My Neighbor!
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  I love it
by aichan  05/03/2013
The sexy art and their interaction is just hilarious. You can actually see the chemistry of all the couples. Definitely a good read.
  Hampered by weak localization
by Russesa  12/29/2012
Heyyy, longtime reader, first time reviewer.

I purchased this book because I was a fan of Koshino's later work, Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun, so I figured I'd check out some more of her stuff, starting with this, her first collection. As stated in the cover copy, there's a little bit of everything in here: fumbling highschoolers, boss/subordinate, some vaguely non-con stories, and a couple of stories about straight guys unwittingly falling for their gay friends/acquaintences (I admit I'm a fan of that last trope).

They're fun stories, mostly. I love Koshino's expressions--she does a great "wide-eyed panic," and her characters have this sort of energetic fluidity to them. Like they're sorta bendy, almost cartoony. But when I say cartoony, don't think the characters don't get down and dirty. The character designs may look like they belong in a softer BL manga, but the sex gets quite explicit. Also, mad props for lube and proper preparation (most of the time). There's even a condom in one of the stories (but only one).

Now, for comments on the localization. I have to be honest, this is a very amateur effort. The dialogue is pretty clunky, just not flowing easily, and there was some odd phrasing that makes me wonder if maybe someone on the team isn't a native English speaker. There's a handful of editing mistakes, including a particularly heinous instance of the dreaded your/you're (your penis =/= you are penis).

The typesetting is similarly so-so, with many words being hyphenated in truly bizarre places. Also, the leading is inconsistent from bubble to bubble, but maybe I'm only noticing that because I'm a finicky typesetter myself. Though I will say, nice work on the sfx. The fonts used are a pretty good visual match to the original lettering, and have generally good placement.

I hope the Guild team can take gentle critique to heart in order to improve on their future work, but I'm afraid this one is only a 2, maybe 2.5 for me. Given how much I enjoyed Koshino's other work, I think I would have liked to see this one released by DMP proper.
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