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Book Cover for Not For A Student
Not For A Student
  (2 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613133118
Language: English
Release: 08/16/2012
Age Rating: Teen (13+)
Time for Plan B. Upon facing the reality that photography won't put food on her table, Tasaka Miki, a feisty, young college student, resigns herself to life as a junior high school art teacher, assuming she can clear the training. Adapting to this strange, new world is no small task, but something else troubles Miki... Where exactly has she seen her sly-eyed student Takase Masaki before...? Just as curiosity got the cat, Miki's inquisitive mind swings open the door to shocking discoveries of secret lives and unknown motives, all of which threaten her very future! Maybe it's time for Plan C!

After over 20 years, Yuriko Matsukawa's 1989 shojo classic "Not for a Student" makes its long-awaited English debut!
editorial reviews
Matsukawa’s art still has that old-school style that I enjoy, and this collection was a pleasant diversion. Not For A Student‘s more dramatic story was balanced out by the slice-of-life stories in the rest of the volume.
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customer reviews
  Enjoyable Shoujo with an 80s Flair
by Rebecca  06/26/2013
In this volume of four short stories, Yuriko Matsukawa does shoujo with flair. The title story, which takes up most of the book, is surprisingly edgy for 1989, as it focuses on child abandonment, delinquency, and romance between a 19 year old and her 15 year old student. (She's a student teacher, so this isn't in a home setting, like many other romances with this age gap.) While none of this really goes as in-depth as a more modern author might take it, anyone who is leery about reading so-called "old school" shoujo filled with hearts and flowers need not fear finding such here.

Despite its high page count, "Not for a Student" isn't the strongest story in the volume. That honor would go to the third piece, "Put Your Right Foot Forward," a very 80s tale about the joy of dancing. While it does have a high nostalgia factor for those of us who grew up with "Flashdance" and "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," it also shows the most dynamic art and the tightest storyline, easily making it a standout. The remaining two stories are more typical shoujo fare for the 1980s, with the story of a girl who works really hard to save her family's business (with the help of a handsome young man, naturally) and a sweet pseudo-Irish fairy tale.

Not For a Student as a volume doesn't have the high energy of other, better-known 80s titles, but it is still a good read and a fair amount of fun. Children of the 1980s should get some good nostalgia vibes from it and fans of shoujo should check it out because it really is an enjoyable read.
  Cute, if not slightly unrealistic
by cookiemonster  03/15/2013
but then again, what manga is realistic? Admittedly most shojo isn't, especially the older ones. Regardless it's pretty cute.

The first and main story focuses in on a young student-teacher, only 19, and her student. Predictably they fall in love, and at times it's easier to imagine her being the same age as him. Regardless, it's very full of cuteness and fluff.

The rest of the stories are somewhat similar in that regard. They're cute, the drama is influenced by external factors rather than just the two characters' relationship, and generally end on a good note.

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