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Book Cover for A Dictator In White Coat
A Dictator In White Coat
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613131169
Language: English
Release: 08/10/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)

Moriyasu Akashi, medical equipment rep, is queasy at the sight of blood. However, Nobuaki, a surgeon at one of the clinics his business deals with, spoke profound words on how his discomfort might not be because he dislikes it. One day, Nobuaki forces Akashi to be hospitalized, and while in his grasp, informs him during a visit to his hospital room that he will teach Akashi about his true self?! The diary of the hard and sweet training by a sadistic surgeon who enlightened a shy young man to his masochism.

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  Sexy fun!
by dashiecloud  10/05/2013
A good S&M romp but with romantic flavor. Even if it seems like a premise that has been "done before" it delivers. So many of these kind of graphic novels promise naughty fun but go for implied or simplistic outcomes with the sexy play portion of the story. Not so here. If you don't feel a little bit wrong while reading this kind of story, it hasn't done it's job. This one does.There is enough here to wish for a little more story and to have more time with the main characters, had it given me that it would have been five stars instead of four
by kanamesamas  01/17/2013
Two of my favorite things together smut and S&M. Granted the plot or kind of lack there of brings it down on my star giving, but what do you expect. Yes this is your typical S&M yaoi manga, but who cares! It is yummy goodness for those who like this type of thing. What more is there to say?

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