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Book Cover for SPIDER
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613133545
Language: English
Release: 09/21/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
Hideaki Shizukawa is your typical salaryman, aside from the fact he has a split personality. The real trouble is that they don’t get along. While mild-mannered Hideaki works by day, “Kairi” parties by night, seducing men and bringing them home by the dozen. Hideaki wakes each morning with no memory of the night before, but figures out what’s going on by the hundreds of pictures Kairi leaves of his sexual escapades. To make matters worse, the pictures keep ending up on the internet. Hideaki goes to the office counselor Katsuragi for help, but Kairi seems to be getting in the way. Will Katsuragi be able to reach Hideaki’s true self, or are deep wounds from the past too much for even love?
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  Creepy and not in a good way
by   09/25/2016
first story: split personality- one is sex crazed and the other salaryman. The sex crazed likes to leave video for the uptight other self. The one person who knows what's going on is the company counselor who becomes boyfriend.
second story takes about half the book: high school bullies- take embarrassing photos to bribe a guy to let them use his father's.. pleasure business. prostitution? Boy thinks he's with a girl but turns out it's the guy they were bullying. Turns out to be love. until it turns into a ghost/possession story.
third story: Landlord/tenant. All the rooms have terrible previous tenant stories.
Pretty smutty except for the third story- they still get it on but not in a perverted peep show way.
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