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Book Cover for Weekend Of Dreams
Weekend Of Dreams
  (2 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613133903
Language: English
Release: 09/26/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
It started out as a way to prepare for a future lover. Too long denied a flesh and blood companion, his substitute—a teddy bear—is now his love object. What happens when a persistent, excessively cheerful neighbor consumes his serious, carefully ordered life? An explosion of hurtful, panicked words.

Stepping back into his quiet life, he can’t avoid what his insufferable neighbor left behind: cracks that expose his festering loneliness. Only one person can fill those cracks, but he’s disappeared.
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  Cute oddball couples and weird stories
by Foxy Lady Ayame  08/24/2013
Weekend of Dreams is random like dreams are- not sure though if that was the intention. In contrast with Sink Into You that did have a good idea behind it, binding together all the stories, its continuation doesn't maintain a single mood. It starts off great with three playful, very likeable stories but the other four are weird or rough. The art also starts with distinguishable character designs only to end up confusing again, especially in Hothouse and Electro, where I'm not sure if the black-haired guy is the same in both stories.

My Dear and Weekend of Dreams are the sequel to Happy Man from Sink Into You. It's the sweetest and best story out of the whole anthology. The teddy bear 'lover' adds a more unrealistic note, but the couple is for hugs! The blond is a bit tsundere -and I'd say that at some point he was right- and he makes a perfect couple with his jovial neighbor, who is also a very patient and caring partner despite imposing himself at th beginning. And there's something to look forward about the teddy bear's story which is helplessly romantic!

Your Table, My Table is about teenagers messing around; one of them loves candy awfully lot and the other helps him with studying (when they don't do nasty stuff). The latter doesn't know what to do in his life, but his friend/sex buddy-lover gives him the inspiration to become chef. It's a simple story but it definitely brought a smile to my face: cooking so that your loved one starts eating healthy is a very honest and attentive gesture. The only thing that I couldn't unsee was a blowjob scene in the toilet. After one of them pissed. Yes, you've read right.

Burning Sun is set in a school, as well. Rumors about two friends spread and what better than, you know, actually kiss in front of the school, to make the rumors die? The megane didn't like the idea much or so it seemed. I'm not sure why I liked this, but I did. In spite the non-con kisses. And how the megane's pushing away each time was played as tsundereness in the end.

Get Out and Fairy Tale has to do with a relationship is negotiated. It sounds cool, but apart from the realistic dialogue in Get Out, everything else is either weird or just dull. The blond wants sex but the other part has feelings for him thus isn't very willing to be played with. They agree to give it a try and see if the blond falls for him, which judging from the bizarre Fairy Tale he does. The atmosphere takes a big turn starting from this story.

Sweet Heart includes adultery, which isn't fine at all in my books. On top of that, I dislike greatly the idea of painful sex to the point of bleeding. The uke seems to disagree with me. He must be a masochist and he's seme appears to be disappointed when he doesn't resist... and things are messed up as I see them at least. Is it so hard to have an explicitly consensual S&M relationship? Then again that's what many fujoshi like.

Hothouse put a lot of questionmarks on top of my head. There's something going on on a rainy day, some implied sex and that's pretty much it.

Electro has a cute curly-haired man who's obviously cheated on, but fortunately for him his boyfriend's mistress dumbed him. Pretty lame situation to be found in.

And the last story is kind of a psychological drama (thriller?). I don't have to say anything about it. It left me indifferent.

I'd recommend to read and judge for yourself. I hope my review will give you enough info to decide, if Weekend of Dreams works for you.
  A bit different, not in bad way
by userofsite  02/28/2013
I've never been exposed to such a sketchy way of drawing by a yaoi mangaka. It was my first time reading Isino Aya's works. The way she draws is captivating and I'm sure there are a lot of fans out there. I got used to the sketching way, which is conducted so in order to emotionally affect the readers. There are about 3-4 main stories, with the first 2-chapter story being my favorite. The rest are 8 pages stories that leave you unsatisfied, with the feeling that something is missing. But that's magic of it, it has to done in that way, to affect you profoundly. There are not many scenes evolving the main characters in love making. The main point of the book is to cause you emotions, pleasant or not, not to be fan service. It's a nice and yet different manga. read it if you want something not so common. And please be aware of the last short story... Not so happy ending....
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