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Book Cover for Merry Men
Merry Men
  (3 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613134139
Language: English
Release: 09/20/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
One evening while hanging out, Oku confesses to his friend and neighbor, Kanbayashi, that he is not attracted to women at all and thinks that he might be gay. One thing leads to another, and the two find themselves between the sheets sharing a night of passion. From that day on, though, the pair act as if nothing at all happened. Kan goes on to date a string of women while Oku begins seeing several different men. Three years on, things come to a head during Christmas break, with secrets laid bare between them. Where will things go from there? Two university students explore love, sexuality and friendship in this gentle coming of age tale.
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  Oh so short!
by testedthesis  10/14/2013
I really love Shimaji. Her stories are cute and heartwarming. This one is no exception. There are different oneshots in this book. You can make your way through them relatively fast. My favorite has to be Love's Chime. I really wish it had a continuation but I think some stories left to the imagination have their own merits too.
  So damn CUTE
by pinkfoot  10/11/2013
I really liked this, both main characters are so damn CUTE XD , always like it when the characters have a somehow frank friendship before they start dating; the plot flow is nice, not much smutty scenes but the intimacy made my heart skip a beat, some parts were funny >> when the characters act immaturely, made me laugh a bit :P . I enjoyed the main story so much, very amusing I read it more than once , I didn't really focus much on the extra stories , the first one was cute though. I always enjoy stories written by shimaji ; the art is nice and its always CUTE, wish there is more of this author.
  Cute and realistic.
by Senyoru-Chan  01/19/2013
I liked this. :P The characters were cute.

I guess the main story was the best one, it was easy to believe too. A quite normal but cute romance story. I guess you can say it had a nice realistic feeling to it. ( In my opinion. ) Not tons of focus on the sex scenes but it still had some good sexy moments.

The other stories were short, so I can't say a lot about them but the later one had a pretty interesting ending. lol

Maybe, just maybe the main story could have been a little longer though. I wish I could find out what happened after the end! ( It's always like this... Isn't it? )

I'd still say give it a shot, unless you're looking for something ultra serious or pervy. This was somewhere in the middle. Not too much of anything, STILL CUTE THOUGH! <3
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