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Book Cover for Diabolo Vol. 1
Diabolo Vol. 1
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613134023
Language: English
Release: 09/05/2012
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)

Something extra-wicked this way comes! Ren and Rai play with fire when they sell their souls to the demon Diabolo to save Ren's cousin. Diabolo gives Ren the power of ultimate offense and Rai the power of ultimate defense. However, those who fall into the Diabolo's trap start to go crazy at 17, and at age 18 they reach the point of no return...

editorial reviews
"Any manga fans who is still annoyed that CLAMP never finished its gothic sci-fi epic X may want to check out Diabolo."
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customer reviews
  This is cool!
by Senyoru-Chan  01/24/2013
I liked this manga a lot, it's good in that old school kind of way you know? It's very serious though and brings up hard subjects, I only recommend it to mature readers and people who aren't easily offended. ( But since I'm not religious or traumatized it was fine with me. ) Actually I really enjoy stories with demons/devils and stuff, I always have.

The main characters are both really nice and cool. They know that one day they'll probably go completely nuts and promises each other to kill each other right before that happens. I just like the chemistry between them. Bromance sorta. lol

Although it says shonen manga, I think girls can like this just as much. Not that it's a rare thing... If you like the darker and serious but also supernatural type of series then this might be what you wanna read.

I'll give this volume a 4/5 ( 4,5 sorta. ) and hope it gets even better. Many pluses for the story and both cute and cool main characters!
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