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Book Cover for Love And A Sin
Love And A Sin
  (3 review)
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613133538
Language: English
Release: 12/21/2012
Age Rating: Young adult (16+)
Harada and Shibata were an unlikely couple in high school, and on a whim made an even stranger promise to meet each other again 30 years later. After graduation, Harada seems to have all but forgotten their promise. Now he spends his days as police chief keeping an eye on a Chinese mafia boss with a familiar face...

Against all odds and logic, Shibata ends up back in Japan exactly on the date they promised to meet. Can Harada find him in time and catch the criminal who stole his heart? Or will his high school sweetheart rob him blind again?
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  I'll Catch You Next Time for Sure!
by themooninautumn  10/14/2013
I am fascinated by characters who conform to appearances on the outside but hide a passion for something or someone close to their hearts (and for straight-laced honor students who really see people around them). The first story in this collection is about two older men meeting up at a pre-determined time and what happened along the eventful road that led them there. The second story is a historical piece about the romantic relationship among some artists in the heyday of Ukiyo-e. The next set of stories involves the joys of living in an apartment with thin walls and thick walls around your own heart to keep everyone out. ("You don't have to get angry. You don't have to get hurt. You don't have to hurt anyone else. You don't have to be disappointed in yourself. That's what I had to learn in order to become an adult.") The next story involves an artsy student and how his teacher comes to realize the student is in love with him. After that is a sad story about lost love, literature, and librarians. The last story circles back to the cop and the mafia boss from the first story.

I prefer long-form stories--single volumes all about one story or multiple volumes--because I can get to know and become attached to the characters more easily. It takes skill to write short stories that start and finish and draw the reader in. I like Tamu's art, so that helps, and I do find myself drawn in to the stories she tells and caring about the characters, even the more disagreeable ones. There's something gentle about so many of these stories, something tender about the feelings and relationships so briefly sketched.

Overall, the art and the author's enthusiasm push this up to being a better-than average collection of short stories.
  would def like to see more from this mangaka
by cookiemonster  02/04/2013
Oyaji stories ftw!!

Lol, jk. That was really only for the title story. The book has a wide variety of stories and characters, so that's definitely a plus. Salarymen, school boys, actors, yakuza, etc. Very nice in my opinion.

The stories themselves are also worth of mention. These are more of a slice-of-life stories, which allow for some nice simple introspection and thought without going to the depths of depression and sickness of the human conditions other stories can get to. (Not that I don't dislike works that analyze and attack the human condition, but it gets depressing eventually.)

Pick it up!
  Entertaining and touching
by sarasusa  12/22/2012
I loved the variety among the stories; the appearance of lead characters with a variety of ages (it's been a while since I encountered one, let alone two, protagonists that are both older than me!); the way the mangaka depicts different emotions in both art and dialogue; and the strong/positive/interesting women characters who turn up.

Really hope to see more like this volume from eManga.
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