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Book Cover for Love Equation
Love Equation
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613130742
Language: English
Release: 10/29/2012
Age Rating: Mature (18+)
Sakata has just gotten a job teaching physics at a school staffed with more handsome faces than a host club. On his way to his first day of work, he mistakes the hunky vice-principal for a groper, and punches him in the face! However, because of a school policy pairing up each arts teacher with a science teacher, Sakata ends up sharing an office with that very same vice-principal, Ryuoh! One day, the straitlaced and ever-fault finding Ryuoh suddenly kisses Sakata...
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  Love Equation
by llama kitten  02/20/2013
Unfortunately, the first thing that caught my attention when I began reading Love Equation was the unbelievably small size of the lettering. I had just finished reading a volume of Erementar Gerad and literally squinted at the screen as I tried to start reading Love Equation. To some extent it is just the size of your screen, but there are pages (such as those near the end) where the quality was just poor, and zooming in just revealed how grainy the text is. I do not know where the problem originated (and some of the bubbles were small compared to the amount of text that needed to fit into them), but I was definitely distracted during my entire reading by the fact that I could barely see the text.

Love Equation by Jugoro Isaka is a collection of one-shots. The cover story about teachers comprises less than half the volume (about 60 out of 200 pages). The art is stylistic and includes a tall-dark-man-with-glasses (one of my preferences). The two characters are well distinguished and faithfully developed, and their coming together seems natural. I found the story to be somewhat lacking. It sets the stage for the awkward attraction to passionate adoration storyline, but lingers in the awkward too long. However, this is not unusual for the genre, and a reader who enjoys the conventions of the genre will likely find the story comfortable and familiar.

This story is followed by a series of six one-shots that were largely unsatisfying. They are varied, both in premise and character design, but the stories are bland and the characters themselves indistinguishable. I wish I could say that the sex is titillating, but I was so bored by the stories that I barely noticed the sex. All of the one-shots seem like they could have been the bases for interesting stories had they been extended; for example, one is set in a bookstore, and another involves a cosplay costumer designer.

Overall I was neither disappointed nor impressed. The art was pretty enough (I love the cover) and I really wanted to like it for the teachers and the glasses. But the storytelling was just not consistent. By far the three parts of the "Love Equation" story were the most promising and interesting. Others may enjoy the simple and straightforward one-shots more than I did, and the real joy of them is imagining outside what the story actually shows. It's a quick, easy read, especially if you are used to and enjoy the basics of the genre.
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