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Book Cover for Don't Tell My Husband vol. 2
Don't Tell My Husband vol. 2
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Publisher: DMG
eISBN: 9781613131893
Language: English
Release: 02/06/2013
Age Rating: Teen (13+)

Minano is back for more in the hilarious second volume of Don’t Tell My Husband! An innocent venture into the city for some common street fare leads our resident sheltered wife straight into the clutches of a ruthless yakuza gang! Kidnapped with her husband in another country, and her life on the line, what’s a girl to do? Whoever thought midnight snacks could be so dangerous?! Be sure to pick up this volume and follow our wayward heroine as she takes on the yakuza and worse – her mother-in-law!!

editorial reviews
WeAreGeekingOut - Amanda
Over all, Don’t Tell My Husband is enjoyable, but it wouldn’t be the first thing I would pick up at a bookstore. The art style is very old, but the content of the story is good, and Minano is a funny character, especially when she’s trying to reenact her imagination in real life. If you love Josei manga, and love the old art style, then this manga is enjoyable; however, if you’re not used to this type of style and story with no plot, then there’s less of a chance you might like this manga.
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customer reviews
  Very fun, but no apparent plot
by cookiemonster  03/01/2013
It's a fun read for sure, but nothing new has been revealed in this volume.

It more or less follows the same format as the last volume, every time Minano goes out she slaps some kind of criminal in place.

However, I will note that secondary characters, namely Maki, do make more of a appearance. Seeing Maki nag on Minano is a bit fun. Haha. We do see why everyone assumes Minano is completely incompetent in this volume as well! (This volume puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "Bad Drivers")

I do hope that the entire series doesn't end up being like this though - and the next volume will show some kind of tangible plot/storyline that we can follow.
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