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General FAQ
Common Questions

Q: What is eManga?

eManga first hit the internet in 2008. Since then we have been "the" ebook storefront to fulfill your manga and comic book needs. Download and read all your favorite titles online or on your preferred ebook devices.

Q: What is an eBook?

An electronic book (or eBook) is a book-length publication, usually containing the same content as the printed book of the same title, in digital form.

Q: Why would I want to buy an electronic version of a book?

There are many advantages of buying eBooks. They are readable on your desktop computer and/or various mobile devices, so you can take them with you almost anywhere. And since you store them digitally, they take up considerably less room. You can have thousands of books all on one hard drive.
Plus, they help the environment as eBooks don't use paper or ink. Go Green!

Q: Will it cost me anything to register?

No, registering is free! Sign up at any time!

Q: How much does it cost to use eManga?

eManga is free to register and we do not have any sort of monthly fees. Most eBooks vary in price range from $2.99 to $12.99.

Q: How do I register?

Simply click on the "JOIN EMANGA" box or click here to register!

Q: Is my personal information secure?

Yes, it is secure. We will never sell your information to third party companies. Your security is one of our top priorities. We value your business and we want you to keep coming back to us!

Q: What if I need to update my email address or other information, such as changing/retrieving my password?

To update any of your information, simply log into your account and click your user name near the top right or click here. Update your information and click Save.

Q: How do I begin?

Become a member! Simply register here and start shopping! If you don't feel like buying something today, join our forum and discuss our books, read our news articles, review books you may already own or read, or simply add titles to your wish list! There are lots to do on eManga, including posting your favorite titles to your preferred social networking sites.

Q: How does eManga work?

eManga is an eBook store that allows you to read our content online or download your purchase to read on your preferred device.
Once you create your account, browse our selection of books to buy and add titles to your shopping cart. After you have purchased those titles, go to the title's product page on eManga, where after you log in, you can select your file to download or read the book online. Those titles will be saved in your Account (in My Library). To read online you simply need a device/browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, I.E.) that can read JavaScript, no flash required!

Q: Can I access my library anytime, anywhere?

Anywhere you have access to the internet and a web browser you can log in to and enjoy your library, at anytime of the day, seven days a week.

Q: Do I need to be online to read eBooks?

No, you do not have to be online to read our eBooks. After downloading your purchase you will be able to read your eBook anytime and anywhere (depending on your device), no internet connection needed. However, if you are reading our books using our online reader, then yes, you will have to be online.

Q: How can I read my eBook online?

All you need to do to read your eBook online is click the Read Online button located on the product page of the title you purchased. Our reader is JavaScript based so it's compatible with most browsers. Our reader is, however, optimized for use on PC/MAC platforms or on large sized tablets that have a viewing screen of 10 inches or more. If you want to read your purchase on smaller devices, we recommend that you download the title.

Q: How can you allow downloadable files when most eStores don't?

We strive to be the best in the business. We developed our eBook files to include a little monster in all our files. It's like a digital stamp that helps us track if the files are being distributed in an unauthorized manner.

Q: Can I put my ebooks on more than one computer/device?

Yes, as long as it's your own personal computer and/or device!

Q: Do I have to know a lot about computers?

Basic knowledge of computers is needed. Also, please read the manuals for your mobile devices.

Q: What do I do if a title I want isn't here?

Shoot us an email at and ask us!

Q: I have purchased books in my old eManga account. Can I still access them?

Yes, of course! And more! You can now download your already purchased books at anytime!

Q: Can I share my eBooks with others?

No. When you buy an eBook from us you're automatically making an agreement to use the eBook only for your personal use. In order for us to continue providing you with great content, we need to pay our bills, and sharing eBooks prevents us from paying our bills.

Q: How do I back up my ebooks?

Save your downloaded files on your preferred storage device. However, if you lose your file, you can re-download it from our server at anytime.

Q: What if I lost my file?

If the unfortunate happens and you lose your file, don't fret! You can download it again. Login to your account, go to your Library (the open book icon Library Icon near your username in the top right corner), and select the title you need to re-download.

Q: How do I put items into my shopping cart?

Once you find the book you want to purchase, click the pinkishly red button that contains the words "Add to Shopping Cart" above the price of the book (the button is located on the product page). You can add as many titles to the shopping cart as you please.

Q: How do I make a purchase?

With eManga, the first initial purchase of any title not already in your library account, entitles you to one choice out of seven file types to download, and free online streaming of the title using our native eManga online reader (Some restrictions apply for certain titles.)

1) Find the book(s) you want to purchase!
2) Click the pinkishly red button that contains the words "ADD TO CART".
3) Fill up your shopping cart with any additional purchases.
4) The checkout procedure will start after going to your Shopping Cart and then clicking the Checkout button.
5) After you have made a successful purchase (which should only take 5 or so seconds), a confirmation page will appear.
6) The confirmation page will include a link to your library. Click the (Go to My Library) link, click the book's download link and then it will bounce you back to the now "Activated" eBook's product page (only if you are logged in), where you can read the book online or download the file of your choice. Make sure to properly select your file format before you click Download. Read the "What File type should I download?" in the FAQ section if needed. Simply click the Read Online button or the Download button whenever you are ready!
7) To learn how to transfer your files to your mobile devices, look below in the next section of our FAQ for detailed information.
8) You are now ready to read and enjoy your eBooks at anytime! All purchased eBooks will be in your account's library for easy access, to read or download. If you are running into any problems while making a purchase, just send us an email at

To make additional file type purchases, simply go back to the product page of a title you already purchased and click the ADD TO CART button. After the transaction is complete you will then be able to select the additional file type you desire on the title's product page.

Q: Can I pay for eBooks with a check?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot pay for your eBooks with a check on eManga. We only accept Credit Cards at this time.

Q: Do you offer an express checkout option?

We have tried to make our checkout process as easy as possible. You only need to click a few buttons before you can enjoy your purchases.

Q: Do you give refunds?

No, we do not give refunds. If download issues arise that causes you to be unable to read your purchase, contact us at and we will make sure you get what you paid for!

Q: How do my Reward Points work?

It's a simple and automatic system set in place to reward our customers when you make a purchase on eManga. For every completed order, you'll receive 5% back of the final total in Reward Points. Each Reward Point equals $0.01 in monetary value! And these points don't go away unless you use them, so they accumulate over time!

Q: How do I use my Reward Points?

During checkout you can decide whether or not to use your Reward Points towards your purchase. Using Reward Points does not disqualify you from receiving more Reward Points.
Once you decide to use your points, the monetary value of the points used is deducted from your order total. If you use 50 points towards an order, then $0.50 is subtracted from the total amount due (if your order was $15.00 and you use 50 points, your order total would then be only $14.50). If you have enough Reward Points you can reduce your order total to zero!

Q: Do you have a discount program?

Our Reward Points system works very much like a discount program. It's automatic and everyone is eligible! You don't need to do anything but make a purchase and we'll reward you!

Q: What about promotional/seasonal discounts?

All promotional discounts will be given out during specific times throughout the year. We will give out certain codes, usually by email, to use during check out. All terms and conditions apply at the time of the given promotion.

Q: What happened to my eManga Points?

eManga points used to be the standard form of currency on eManga. We have now converted to all cash transactions. However customer accounts that still have available points from the old point system can still use their points with the Reward Points program. All points still hold their same value.

Q: Do you have a loyalty program?

We have the fantastic Reward Points system, which rewards our loyal customers. However, we do have another program that also rewards our customers for being loyal in another way. It's called our Neighborhood Watch Program. To find out more about this program, click here!

Q: Do you have Gift Cards?

Yes, we sell eGift Cards! All Gift cards sold on eManga are electronic. eGift cards from eManga come in $15, $20, $25, $50, $75, and $100 increments. Physical eManga Gift Cards from Akadot come in $15 and $20 increments (plus the cost of shipping).
To buy eManga eGift cards, simply add the appropriate eGift Card to your Shopping Cart and once ready, check out. All you need to do is enter the email address of the recipient when prompted and the eGift Card will be on its way to make someone very happy (after you finalized the order). You can apply Reward Points and any promotional discounts to your order that include eGift cards. Please note that the promotional discounts won't apply to your eGift cards.

Q: How to I use/redeem my Gift Card?

To redeem your Gift card, log in or create an account and then go to your Account page. Click on the Redeem Gift Card link and follow the instructions. The monetary value of the Gift Card will be converted to Reward Points to use at anytime, whenever you want (example: a $15 Gift Card will convert to 1500 Reward Points).

Q: How do I use the Gift This Item button?

If you want to send a particular eBook to a friend as a gift, click the Gift This Item button. Once clicked it'll go to your GIFT CART (repeat the steps to give multiple titles as gifts). When you are ready to check out, click the final GIFT THESE ITEMS button in your My Gift Cart. Once clicked, it will then ask you to fill out information of the recipient you want to send the gift to, and then it will send you to the checkout to make your purchase transaction. (Please note that you can not combine gift items with your regular purchases during a purchase session. You will have to complete all gift purchases first, all the way through the final transaction before starting again with your regular purchase session.) Once you check out and payment made, an email notification will be sent to your gift recipient as well a confirmation to you. Your recipient will then need to click the link in the email notification and either login or register a new eManga account. Once logged in, the gift title(s) will automatically go into their eManga library.

Q: How do I send a free eBook to use as a Gift This Item?

Select your free ebook you want to send to your recipient from the Free section of ebooks and click the Gift This Item button.
1. You can only send one free title per gift at a time.
2. Once you click send, the free title to your recipient will be sent immediately. (This is a completely separate action from your items in your shopping cart or gift cart and will not affect items in your cart.)
3. There is no registration required when the gift is accepted. The recipient will be redirected to the title's product page.
4. The recipient will be able to download the free ebook directly from the title's product page. (Note: Free titles are not stored in the recipient's library.)

Q: Will I be able to rate the books that I read?

Of course! Pick a star to rate the book(s) you've read. 5 stars means it was the best ever and 1 star means it could be better!
You can also write a review, no matter how long or short! To do write a review, go to you My Library and click on the link Write Review next the title (on the right) of the book you've purchased.

Q: How are the Most Popular ratings calculated?

By you! We sort our titles by the average star rating that our books receive. If you like a title, rate it!

Q: What if I find a great book here that I know a friend would love? Is there a way for me to share that information?

If you found a book you want to share with your friends, post the title's product page on one of your favorite social networks using our convenient share buttons.

Q: I would like to get your newsletter, how do I sign up?

You are automatically signed up to our newsletter once you join emanga! To unsubscribe, follow the unsubscribe link located within the emanga newsletter.

Technical Issues

Q: I am using Internet Explorer and cannot download -- what can I do?

We've created eManga to work with all major browsers, so if you are running into trouble with Internet Explorer when downloading from eManga, contact us at

Q: What happens if my download is interrupted or I lose/delete my file?

Try refreshing your page and downloading again, overwriting the old file. If that still doesn't work, check your network connection. If you have stable internet connection and yet still cannot fully download your file, contact us at

Q: What do I do if my file downloads at 0kb?

Due to heavy traffic at various times of the day you may have issues with connectivity. Try again later. If you are still having issues, contact us at

Q: What do I do if I have gone through the FAQ and still can't download?

Contact us at

Q: What do I do if I am unable to use a credit card because I am getting an authorization error?

Please contact your credit card company and verify your information, such as your address that they have on file, is correct. Log back in to your eManga account and confirm that your information matches with that of your credit card company. If all the information is the same you should be able to complete your transaction. However, if you are still running into issues, contact us at

Q: What if I have some other checkout problem?

Contact us at

Q: What do I do if my file downloaded but cannot be viewed correctly?

Make sure you have selected the correct reading device or downloaded the correct file format from the drop down menus. As an alternative, download the PDF format or read online with our eManga reader. If you still cannot read the file, contact us at

Q-1: How come I can’t log in? The page just redirects me to the homepage or some other page...

Q-2: How come the checkout payment section just bounces me back around to another page?

Your web browser cookie settings are probably configured wrong. You will need to enable it.
1. Go to your web browser Settings
2. Privacy -> Clear Cookies and Data
3. Privacy -> Accept Cookies -> Always

Make sure that Privacy -> Private Browsing is set to OFF

Q: How come my promotion code won't work?

Please check if you have mistyped the code. O's and 0 zeros look very similar as well as L's and 1 ones.

Q: How come I can't find the email for the reset password link, you’re to send to me?

Click the link to reset your password.
When you reset your password, an email should be sent to you. If you did not receive your email, please check your spam folder.
The email subject line should say the following: "eManga - Password Reset Link".
The email will contain a code and a link.
Click the link and enter the code and your email.
Then it will prompt you to enter your new password.

(The reset link expires in 72hrs. You will have to send another request if it expires before you set up your new password.)

Other Questions

Q: What's different about your printed books?

Content wise, they are the same. However our digital books are more economically priced than our printed books. If the eBook has a printed edition available, there will be a link on the product page that will bounce you to our sister site,, where you can purchase the printed edition.

Q: I have a suggestion to improve your site, who do I contact?

We would love to hear any and all suggestions you may have for eManga! Toss us an email at to let us know what you think!

Q: I am a publisher: how do I get my products on eManga?

Our Partners Program is available to any and all fellow publishers who wish to distribute their titles on eManga. Please contact us at or follow the Partners Program link at the bottom of our website for more information.
Adobe Reader (.pdf) --
Amazon Kindle (.mobi) --
Amazon Kindle (.prc) --
Comic Book ZIP Archive (.cbz) --
OPS Container Format (.epub) --

What File type should I download?

For All Other Than Novel

Find your device or reader here for compatible file formats:
iPhone | iPad | iPod
Amazon Kindle (e-Ink)
Amazon Kindle Fire
Android Device
Nook 6"
Nook Color
Kobo 6"
Kobo Tablets
Sony Readers
Linux OS
Mac OS
Windows OS
Windows Mobile | PocketPC
Motorola Xoom
Palm OS
Adobe Digital Editions
Bebook by Endless Ideas
Aluratek Libre Pro
Cybook Opus
Digital Reader 1000
EZ Reader by Astak
Hanlin by Jinke
iRiver Story
Primary File Type for Device:    Secondary File Type for Device (may require third party App):

For Novel

Find your device or reader here for compatible file formats:
iPhone | iPad | iPod
Amazon Kindle (e-Ink)
Amazon Kindle Fire
Android Device
Nook 6"
Nook Color
Kobo 6"
Kobo Tablets
Sony Readers
Linux OS
Mac OS
Windows OS
Windows Mobile | PocketPC
Motorola Xoom
Palm OS
Adobe Digital Editions
Bebook by Endless Ideas
Aluratek Libre Pro
Cybook Opus
Digital Reader 1000
EZ Reader by Astak
Hanlin by Jinke
iRiver Story
Primary File Type for Device:    Secondary File Type for Device (may require third party App):

How do I get my file(s) onto my device?
From PC/MAC to Mobile Device

Almost all purchases you make on eManga are available to read online with our new e-reader or to download at your leisure. If you want to upload your purchases to your device so you can read on-the-go — these simple steps will show you how.

  • After downloading purchased file(s) from eManga, connect your device to your computer.
    Connect PC/MAC to Mobile Device
  • In most cases your device shows up just like a USB storage device. Click on your device's icon and find the DOCUMENTS folder or the folder that holds your other eBooks. This is the folder you will drag your downloaded file(s) into.
    will find their devices by going to
    PC folder
    will find their device
    as an icon on their desktop
    MAC folder
  • Locate the file(s) you downloaded from eManga, and place file(s) into the folder from step 2.
  • Eject your device properly, and unplug your device. Now, you're ready to read!
  • If you have a Kobo Smart Tablet, you'll need to do just one more step! Once you transferred the file to your Kobo Smart Tablet, go to the tablet’s Library, press the menu button and select Import Content. Follow the prompts and once you've imported the file, you'll be ready to read! (See the Kobo Smart Tablet instructions for more info)

Kindle Fire

There are two ways to download your file onto your Kindle Fire: direct download and/or transferring the file from your PC/MAC. If you bought and downloaded your purchase on to your PC/MAC, simply follow the From PC/MAC to Device instructions. If you want to directly download your purchase on your Fire, please use the following steps:

  • Download your purchase from eManga (using the Kindle Fire browser).
  • Download the FREE Kindle Fire App called ES File Explorer.
     ES File Explorer
  • Open ES File Explorer and select the DOWNLOAD folder.
  • Select your recent purchase. Keep your finger held down on your selection until the Operations menu pops up.
  • Select Move to.
  • Select the folder Documents.
  • Tap the OK button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Your purchase should now appear in the Carousel or your Docs bookshelf/list.
  • If your purchases do not appear, please shut down and completely reboot your Kindle Fire device. Once your device starts up, your titles should appear.

Kobo Smart Tablets

There are two ways to download your file onto your Kobo Smart Tablets: direct download and/or transferring the file from your PC/MAC. If you bought and downloaded your purchase on to your PC/MAC, simply follow the From PC/MAC to Device instructions. If you want to directly download your purchase to your Kobo Smart Tablets, please use the following steps:

  • Download your purchase from eManga (using the Kobo Smart Tablet browser).
  • Go to your Kobo Smart Tablet Library.
  • Press the menu button (the four horizontal lines on the frame of your Kobo Smart Tablet).
    Kobo VOX
  • Select Import Content.
  • Select Start.
  • Let the Kobo Smart Tablet search for the file.
  • Once the Kobo Smart Tablet has found the file and automatically selected it, tap Import Selected.
  • You may choose either Yes or No to delete the file once imported (your preference, but we recommend No).
  • The Kobo Smart Tablet will begin importing the file.
  • Your purchase will now appear on your Library shelf for you to read and enjoy!

Nook, iPad, Android, and More...

You can download files directly from your Nook, Apple, or Android device! If you already bought and downloaded your purchase on to your PC/MAC, simply follow the From PC/MAC to Device instructions. If you want to download directly from the devices listed above, follow these steps:

For Nook:

  • Go to using the Nook browser and log in.
  • Either make a purchase or go to an already purchased product page.
  • Download the Nook epub (the regular epub from the list of files).
  • Once download is finished, go to Library > My Stuff > My Downloads.
  • Select your recent download and the book will automatically open. Read on and enjoy!

For Apple:

  • Open Safari. Go to and log in.
  • Make a purchase or go to an already purchased product page.
  • Download the Apple epub.
  • Safari may ask you which APP to use. Select Open in "iBooks" and you'll automatically be taken to iBooks.
  • The book will now remain in your iBooks library to read at anytime!

For Android:

  • Open your web browser. Go to and log in.
  • Make a purchase or go to an already purchased product page.
  • Download the file type of your preference, either a regular ePub, CBZ, or PDF (or select Android Device from the device drop down menu).
  • Once your download is complete, go to the reader APP of your choice and import/open the file.

If you prefer using ePub files, there are several Apps available for download before you read your purchase. All you need to do is download the APP from your favorite APP store (Google Play) to your device. Follow the link to some of the top free ePub Reader apps available today.

(Aldiko Book Reader is a good one to use to read our epub files on your Android device.)

If you prefer using CBZ files, you'll need the right APP to read your purchase. eManga recommends using ComicRack, which is available for both Android and PC.

For PC (after you downloaded your purchase):

For your Android Device (after you downloaded your purchase):

  • Download ComicRack from your APP store.
  • Open ComicRack and set up your library directory, or;
  • Tap the three squares or four horizontal lines in the top right corner of ComicRack's homepage.
    Android 1    or    Android 2
  • Select Preferences.
  • Under ComicRack: General Preferences > Library, select Main eComic Folder.
  • Pick your main library folder that has all your CBZ files.
  • Click OK and return to the ComicRack homepage.
  • You should now be ready to enjoy your eManga CBZ files.