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Mainstream Manga
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Welcome to the mainstream manga section of eManga where you can find a smorgasbord of titles. We carry big hits like Itazura Na Kiss, Earthian, Replica, and Erementar Gerade. Here, you can find titles from all the genres of romance, drama, shojo, shonen, "slice of life", horror, action, Harlequin, and sci-fi. Whether you're new to Japanese comic books or are a die-hard fan, there's something for everyone here in the mainstream. We are always updating our collection with new titles and continuing volumes, so be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter for the latest and greatest updates.

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Mainstream Spotlight
Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 11
Publisher: DMG

Kasuga is a high school student with ESP powers. His indecisive nature has him stuck in a love triangle with two girls, Hikaru and Ayukawa. Kasuga is bent on keeping his power a secret so he doesn’t have to move again. However, a new transfer student from his old school is eager to divulge secrets about him. Plus a girl bent on making all men fall for her turns her focus to Kasuga. Will Kasuga’s past be revealed? And will the new girl be successful in gaining his attention?

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