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Graphic novels (Average 200 pages) $7.50 and Up *
DMG Graphic Novels (Average 200 pages) $7.95 and Up *
Oversized and Colored books (Over 200 + pages) $8.95 and Up *
Instructional Books $8.95 and Up *
Novels range from $5.50, $7.95, $8.95 - $12.95 and Up *
Read Online Only Books (Most books) $4.99 and Up *
Explicit Yaoi books $8.95 and Up *
Hentai books $8.95, $12.95 - $15.99 and Up *
Idol Photo Albums $7.95, $12.95 and Up *

Our prices have changed a bit. We are now able to provide our customers with 7 different downloadable files for almost all titles we offer. For the additional features we've provided, pricing has also adjusted accordingly. However our prices are still more affordable than anywhere else!

To best accommodate our customer demands we have converted to a cash based system. All existing and past customers with a Points Balance from the old payment/point system will have their points converted to Reward Points. All existing and past customers will retain their eBooks purchased in their account library and will have access to them as wells as the additional features at no further charge-our way of thanking our long time customers for their years of support!

Reward Points will have the same monetary value as eManga Points (1 point equals $0.01) and can be used at anytime for any purchase, however Reward Points are not the same as eManga points. Reward Points act much like discount points and work concurrently with your cash (credit card, PayPal, money order, eCheck) payment. Customers can pay their balance of their order total with Reward Points, so long as they have enough Reward Points.

* Pricing is subject to change. Price includes one downloadable file in addition to the online reader version. All additional downloadable files are $1.00 each. Some titles will not be available to download.