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Betrothed: To the People' s Prince

After seeing him again at a party, Athena's heart stops. Nikos! The man she said goodbye to...the man she loved. After leaving Argyros, a kingdom on a beautiful island...

Claimed: Secret Royal Son

“So you've finally decided to come back to this country, Lily,” Alex says in a cold tone. I think he still hasn't forgiven me... Eighteen months ago, Lily ...

Crowned: The Palace Nanny

In her island home, Elsa is suddenly approached by a handsome man named Stefanos, who tells her, “I need you to come with me.” Losing her two close friends...

The Doctor's Proposal

Kirsty always felt that love brought nothing but misery, which is why she never wanted to let herself fall for anyone. That is, until she met the handsome doctor Jake ...

The Heir's Chosen Bride

Hamish has no need for emotions—they'd only ruin his icy composure and keep him from making clear decisions. Unfortunately for him, he has to face nothing but em...

Her Royal Baby

Who’s Henry? This young child is the future king, but he doesn’t have the monarchy in his eyes; he just has a distant stare that begs for love. When Tammy,...

The Prince's Outback Bride

Pippa didn’t know what to do. The milk tanks on the farm she runs are polluted. Her savings are almost gone. Now the truck she was driving is stuck in the mud fr...

Princess of Convenience
In order to buy the highest quality yarn, fashion designer Jessica travels to the Principality of Alp'Azuri in Europe. While admiring the picture-perfect beautiful landsc...
Rescued by a Millionaire

Karli and Jenna are half sisters, and their mom is rock legend Nicole Razor, who just passed away. In a rush to be by her bedside, they've ended up at a train station ...

A Royal Marriage of Convenience

Years ago, Rose-Anitra left her home country of Alp D'Montez amidst claims she was an illegitimate heir to the throne. HerA bucolic life as a married veteran is shatte...

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