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A Secret Vengeance

A young temptress, who deceives elderly men, is desperate to avoid falling victim to the same trap she has set. When Celia senses someone’s presence and turns ar...

A Nanny Named Nick

After losing her lover, Linda's sadness drove her to reckless thoughts. I want a child. If possible, a black-haired one, just like my lover. Or else my heart is going ...

Bought: One Bride

Florist Holly has suddenly found herself in a relationship with Richard, a powerful banking CEO. But what interest could he possibly have in a plain girl like her? Tho...

The Bride in Blue

When Godfrey left this world, he left a child growing inside Sophia. He wanted her to marry his brother so she’d be safe and sound, and Sophia’s marriage t...

A Date With Destiny

Salome's marriage to Ralph, a man thirty years her senior, was considered scandalous. While she lead a life of fun and leisure with Ralph, and their surprising divorce...

Fugitive Bride

Leah felt like all her dreams had come true when she married the handsome billionaire Gerard. That is, until she overhears him say the most shocking thing: “Any ...

The Guardian's Forbidden Mistress

Nick Coleman grew up a thug in a poor town but since then, with the help of a billionaire named Steinway, he learned about business and is now a billionaire playboy. S...

Heartthrob for Hire

Kate has long insisted on being celibate, and at this point even her family suspects she’s gay. But one day she saves Roy, a handsome former football star, and a...

His Bride For One Night

After her fiancé breaks up with her over the phone as she's waiting for him at the airport, Charlotte is at a complete loss. Upon seeing her cry without regard ...

Maddie's Love-Child
Miles, the British aristocrat, can't get his mind off Maddie, a woman he met a year ago in Australia on a business trip. He wants her so much that he ends his engagement...
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