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Happy Yaoi Yum Yum
Yaoi smut tastes better when it's happy and fun! The successor to the ultra popular Yaoi Hentai anthology features a yaoi take on Jack and the Bean Stalk, a sexy romp wit...
Winter Demon Vol. 1

When three ruthless fire demons come to terrorize the monk Hakuin's village he's forced to seek help from Fuyu, the snow demon who tormented him a year ago. Fuyu is th...

Winter Demon Vol. 2

The monk Hakuin prayed that his first meeting with the demon Fuyu would be his last. Now it seems his destiny is to partner with the demon for life. His only advantage...

Winter Demon Vol. 3

The winter demon Fuyu meets the incubus Figaru at long last! Fuyu and the monk Hakuin must see the holyman Shidan to fix Fuyu's weapon. Fuyu is terrified of Shidan's d...

Winter Demon Vol. 4

The final volume of the hit series! Fuyu seeks Dr. Takuma to treat Hakuin's badly infected wounds. The Spring Demon Ryuuto is still wooing Takuma when Fuyu arrives. Fu...

Yaoi Hentai Vol. 1
This is yaoi at its most extreme: graphic scenes of loving between a college professor and his student, a bar-hopper and some thugs who kidnap him, members of a corrupt s...
Yaoi Hentai Vol. 2
Yaoi Hentai is back with a whole new volume of romantic yaoi smut. All new artists bring you four hot stories of hardcore guy on guy loving. First, an Elizabethan dandy i...
Yaoi Hentai Vol. 3
In Vol. 3 of the ultra popular, kinky, sex-full Yaoi Hentai you'll see tentacle monster Trach nailing an unsuspecting bus rider, a poor bishonen with his wiener caught in...
Yaoi Hentai Vol. 4
The naughtiest yaoi anthology out there continues with all new talent, including famous comic creator Donna Barr. Stories include a nobleman succumbing to pleasure in th...